Re-live Michael Jordan's greatest moments in NBA 2K11
"Michael Jordan won't be just the cover athlete for NBA 2K11, he will also have his own mode called "The Jordan Challenge", 2K Sports announced today. The mode will give gamers the chance to play 10 different games where Jordan was at his best during his NBA career."

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CrAppleton3069d ago

SWEET! That's freaking awesome!

Neco5123069d ago

Unfortunately crappy players will make Jordan look like a joke lol

Chicken Chaser3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

The greatest who ever *Lived*

CrAppleton3069d ago

That's cool that they gave him his own mode. Too cool 2k!

Neco5123069d ago

That's cool that they're honoring him, I wonder if other sports titles will follow suit with the greats

Pennywise3069d ago

The old B-Ball games used to have all the old school teams. Devs have gotten really lazy lately and it is sad that people still buy it for more money.

It has been proven people dont mind paying more for less when it comes to video games.

Queasy3069d ago

It'll be funny if you can take the best Jordan teams and face them off against this year's Miami Heat with James and company.

Sc0pe923069d ago

more like wade and company. wade built the team along with pat. sorry man i have to defend my team

DaRockSays3069d ago Show
Funky Town_TX3069d ago

I have not purchased a BB game since NBA 2K8.

3069d ago