StarCraft 2 Trailer Spoilers - Preview by StarCraft: IncGamers

StarCraft: IncGamers has made an article analysing the new StarCraft II trailer into microscopic pieces, and come up with a lot of new details.

Question is, would you like a spoiler, or wait 5 days for the real thing?

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Terrice3071d ago

This looks amazing! And nicely written article.

Djorgo3071d ago

Yeah, looking forward to SC2 release even more now!

lovestospoodge3071d ago

glad i live in scandinavia where every blockbuster has a midnight release of this game

AntoineDcoolette3071d ago

Jaw droppingly nerdly epicness. Finally Starcraft is getting the cinematic realization of its world that it deserves. Too bad Amazon isn't letting me switch my shipping speed to day 1 because I used some [email protected]#$ing credit for SC2 -.-

Cogo3071d ago

Great speculation that mostly may really be true.

Terrice3071d ago

Indeed, good analysis.

SCFreelancer3071d ago

teasing spoilers are good.

Recka3071d ago

5 days :) Really excited, the trailer is amazing and the analysis is also quite brilliant

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The story is too old to be commented.