Why Video Games Don’t Make Good Movies

GB writes - We’ve all seen a Uwe Boll film. At some point or another, whether the idea came from ignorance or irony, we’ve seen one. Some of us have even seen one or two of them all the way through without throwing the remote through the TV and vowing never to waste money or time or precious reserves of optimism on such a crass, commercialized, poorly produced, directed and edited piece of cinematic trash.

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MariaHelFutura2742d ago

Videogames can make good movie, Uwe Boll can`t.

gameseveryday2742d ago

The point you gotta understand. Only Video game fans can make great movies. For example see the video I have attached. Its one of the most amazing gaming videos made by a fan. And then we have Metal Gear Solid: Philantrophy, I bet the hollywood version will fail in comparison to that. So you wanna make great video game movies...bring in the fans and take their feedback.

halocursed2742d ago

Not an easy thing to pull off....but contrary to popular opinion I like the Max Payne movie

Poseidon2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

they need to make a big budget dead space movie.(not anime) directed by George Romero and rob zombie.

gameseveryday2742d ago

Now that could possibly be cool. He is best known for his gruesome horror movies. And Dead Space movie by him will be an icing on the cake, but does he make movies any more?

StillGray2742d ago

Video games don't make good movies because the directors suck.

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