19 New SingStar Screenshots

New screenshots from Sony's upcoming PlayStation 3 title SingStar.

- Blink 182
- Britney Spears
- Ne-Yo
- R.E.M.
- Radiohead
- WolfMother
- Weezer

And more...

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Lord Anubis3729d ago

I did not vote for britney spears how could she been included! I demand an explanation!

BlackIceJoe3729d ago

I also was wondering how her songs are added to the list. I know in the press every one does not like her. I know she was big years ago but she is old news now. I would have preferred to see more big songs these days. But I guess that is how it goes. There will always be songs people do not like on these kinds of games. So the only thing to do is not play them. Just pick another song instead.

NoUseMerc3729d ago

I am all about Weezer, REM, and Radiohead! Woohoo!

ChanDangle3729d ago

I can see it now drunken fun for everyone!

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