Sony Reveals The Truth About Letting Microsoft Have Kinect

The ongoing battle between the Kinect and Playstation Move gets deeper and deeper but with this new information revealed in this video everyone will understand why Playstation Move has the edge in this battle.

Kinect is great for somethings especially the media capabilities but in terms of overall performance there’s things about Playstation Move you didn’t know and in this video you will see and find out.

Enjoy The Video

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Hyrius2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

They were right.

Kinect is meh ( and too expensive ).

B-Real2062892d ago

This was a very good video and inciteful. I dig Anton, I wish I did what he does. Overall I'm looking forward to the Move and any competition from Kinect is cool. Gamers Win!

lordgodalming2892d ago

Inciteful AND insightful. N4G pun WIN! :)

sikbeta2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

It was explained why Sony and Nintendo rejected this 3dv tech, the company that MS bought, went to Nintendo HQ to show em their motion-tech and N rejected

Then the same company went to Sony HQ to show the tech and Sony rejected, Dr Richard Marks tested the camera and said it was expensive for what it can do, so they found an affordable product for Motion-gaming = PS-EYE + Move

MS wanted some kind of motion and bought this 3dv company

This Video show Dr Richard Marks demoing the 3dv cam on a PS2

These Videos show Dr Richard Marks demoing motion with the PS2 and the Eye-toy


Richard Marks and Anton, both are great guys, they're like real gamers, not boring ass PR guys, I'll totally support Move, congrats for making and showing an Awesome device with limitless possibilities when it comes to gaming and other stuff...

HeroComplex2892d ago

HHG was so worried about his cameraman's hungry belly that he forgot to get footage of the new tech demos that Anton talked about earlier in the interview!

rockleex2892d ago

Even though it was never hinted at that Street Fighter will use Kinect?

Congrats HHG for doing what you do, but please stop with all the made-up stuff.

HolyOrangeCows2892d ago


Important point.

Bigpappy2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

Good job HHG. I knew you could find a way to win them back. They just don't want any negative stuff on a certain console. Know wat a mean? Riiight.

NoBias2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

I watched the show all the way through for the first time. This kinda stuff will get you viewers on a consistent basis HHG.

inveni02892d ago

I never thought I'd say this, but......that was a pretty good video. And he didn't even use misleading titles! If HHG would make all of his videos like this one, I could see myself being a regular watcher.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that he was talking about something awesome with someone awesome.

barom2892d ago

Hate to admit it but HHG has some of the best interviews. The one with David Jaffe was one of the best Jaffe interviews if not the best and similarly, this interview is one of the best PS Move interviews if not the best.

Rumor2891d ago

SONY basically snuff-nosed kinect: "not good enough for us....MEH"


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raztad2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

Watch this video. Nice interview. Congrats HHG.

Anton is awesome, he really knows his stuff and his explanation about why Sony dropped the 3D camera, makes total sense.

Some respect to Sony for pushing Motion Controls in the right direction. Tomorrow when Kinect stuff is collecting dust past the flashy moments, MOVE will be kicking ass with so many creative games.

36T2892d ago Show
raztad2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )


You can lol all you want but at the end of the day I'll be playing hardcore game and LOLing at 36T wasting $150 to "dance" with Kinect. MOVe potential is there for you to see, RUSE is getting support, echocronome ii is mindblowing, you got to be sheep to ignore that.

hoops2892d ago

You dont knwo how Kentic will sell. Yes we know you hate MS but you dont know the market...Remember how EVERYONE said the Wii would not sell because its a gimmick......but wait..........

raztad2892d ago

It's not that I "hate" MS. Just that I dont see anything in Kinect to look forward. I mean nothing, pure casual shovelware, because the tech doesnt allow for much more.

In the recently past E3 two things happened at the same time: Nintendo came back for their core market and MS pulled a Nintendo, trying to get a piece of the casual. If anything MS is hating on their core users, because Kinetics is much much casual than Wii motion controllers.

Regarding sales. Too bad I wasted my first bub replaying to Omega post. I said it is likely Kinetic to sell more, but the point are the capabilities of the tech not just how may units are sold.

DevastationEve2892d ago

Move is a Wiimote. People said Wii wouldn't sell because of it being a gimmick.

I can't believe how stubborn PS3 gamers are, here comes something new for a change and instead of embracing Kinect they'd rather have a Wiimote knockoff so they can still play their so-called hardcore games instead of looking ahead into the future at what Kinect will offer.

The Xbox Empire2892d ago



Welcome to the world of dishonest, last place and angry PS3 gamers.

TheBlackSmoke2892d ago

The funny thing is the 360 fanboys cant even deny what raztad is saying because they know its true, so its back to buh buh teh sales as if that's an indicator of which tech is better.


Dude the kinect is as much like the eye toy as the move is like the wii mote. Both of these new technologys are advances on their predecessors, difference is microsoft have yet again not looked to the future, instead trying to captilize on the shovelware market as it is now.

ThanatosDMC2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

If Kinect is the future, i dont know anything anymore. Seriously, go to Macy's and tell me how that is the future of gaming.

BkaY2892d ago

xcuse the fuk out of me... but do u know thing called "eyetoy" on ps3...

may be not coz you were born with 360 controller in you hands..

but seriously name one game on kinect which was not on eyetoy...

if move is wiimote then kinect is eyetoy....


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FACTUAL evidence2892d ago

For toddlers, but if you want to play with the pros you've got to move it move it!

lastdual2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

Since when do the "pros" care about any form of motion control?

Most harcore gamers will simply be glad when gimmicks like Move and Kinect have come and gone. Let the casuals keep them. We're doing just fine with controllers.

DigitalAnalog2892d ago

HipHopGamer missed his opportunity to showcase his over-zealous reaction by forgetting to reveal Anton's "Chameleon Demo" in the last minute.

-End statement

whothedog2892d ago

haha That was a great interview HHG

ThanatosDMC2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

I havent watched these vids, but what's up with HHG's championship belt?

Does the color of the ball represent something or you can change it to whatever you want? I know, it changes for Sorcery though.

Great interview.

"Gimmicky and flashy." -Anton then HHG laughs... HAHAHAH!

Persistantthug2892d ago

HIPHOPGAMER delivers some of the BEST one on one interviews in the entire gaming industry....

There's no more doubt in my mind about that.

xxLuckyStrike2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

pass on Kinect tech...then M$ picked it up...get it right son.. i love how Sony fanboys think Sony did everything first...Sony let the caveman make the wheel...Sony let the egyptians create writing....Rediculous


At the end of the day PSMove is a HD Wiimote with a 2d tracking cam. This guy Anton is a tool. Making it out to be more than what it is...Good job

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Omega42892d ago ShowReplies(8)
Hacker2892d ago

There is more Public interest in Kinect than Move also as of to day Pre-orders of Kinect are sky rocketing even after the announcement of the high price goes to show how popular Kinect is.
The Future is Kinect the public has chosen Kinect get over it Sony we've seen all that before..........Wii lol.

Karooo2892d ago

lol what hey fanturd go back to ur hole

Insomnia_842892d ago

He is one of those that "go with the masses" like the Brits like to call the Americans.

mrv3212892d ago


Controller free gaming has been done... the Activator reminds me of Kinect... anyone else?

DlocDaBudSmoka2892d ago

ive been sayin that since day 1. +bubs

nunley332892d ago

early 90's i think, i remember the ads in my old gaming mags and is the kinect's ancestor.It was advertised as playing Mortal Kombat with it would change everything,but it changed nothing.Unlike the WII and NINTENDO who have been constantly innovating, Nintendo has been copied a whole lot more than the other 2 by FAR.

spooky2052892d ago

I also remember the 3d PC games that were out long before nintendo, sega, and sony ever thought of coming up with the idea. However since the majority of gamers are much too young to remember these things they get a warped sense of reality. They start believing that their console of choice is the master of innovation when most likely 9/10 someone already invented that long ago.

triggers? dreamcast did that years ago. Online gaming? Phantasy star online did that years ago on the dreamcast too. 3d gaming? There was these cool 3d games packaged with every packard bell computer. Motion control gaming? Le stick on atari 2600. I could go on but the fanboys will just hit me with disagrees anyways with no arguements or facts to back anything up.

Zinc2892d ago

@spooky205 - The only thing I would have to disagree on would be online gaming. The first online gaming were text based MUDs. I still play them. I think Asheron's Call was the first 3D online game.

Otherwise, what you say is true and even the Dreamcast being the first could be true if you remove PC's from the picture.

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extermin8or2892d ago

@ hacker the wii didn't have high pre order rates actually, it was only the christmas after it was released when people saw what it could do that it's sales went through the roof, I think you shouldn't count your eggs before they are layed and I think M$ are playing a dangerous game putting all their might behind kinect you shouldn't put all your egs in one basket lol

Red Panda2892d ago

Thats a very good point.

Terarmzar2892d ago

You Xbox trolls are no better than the Ps3 trolls on here, but yet you complain about us coming to every article, Look at yourselves.

Qui-Gon Jim2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

Because I can only enjoy things based on how popular they are. I don't care how well it works or what it does, I only care how many other people own it. /s

In all seriousness, I expect Kinect to sell very well, at least initially, but I think Move is the better product for what it does. Kinect has the "wow factor", but Move just works really well.

tdogg060519912892d ago

I truly don't care about sales, if you wanna talk about a sales winner go buy a Wii. If you want to talk about who has the best motion control device. Sony has the quality.

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Hellsvacancy2892d ago

It wasnt actually a bad interview

edhe2892d ago

LoL. I come in here to see everyone's already at too low a bubble for me to read them :)

Anyway.. since it's hhg i'll take my coat and go on to better things with my life.. like picking my naval fluff.

RosoTron362892d ago

First time watching HHG show. Actually a great interview.

PressStartNow2892d ago

hehe naval fluff......sign of a true fat boy.

edhe2891d ago

nah, it's the sign of a man.

I ain't fat, but i'm decently hairy \o/