WRC: New screenshots show cockpit view and ice course

The new screenshots of the rally simulation WRC: World Rally Championship show the cockpit view and an ice course.

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Square2890d ago

WRC is not really my favourite series... Although the shots look nice.

Akagi2890d ago

It's my favorite rally fix.

FishCake9T42890d ago

Damn, this and GT5. I just hope my wheel can handle them both.

Yangus2889d ago

This game visuals not GT5.But how many WRC tracks in GT5?And rain,snow etc confirmed in GT5?NO.

GT5 visuals amazing,but this game true WRC,rain,snow 78 tracks!I buy.

iamgoatman2889d ago

I remember GT4 had a few snow courses, but the rallying was ruined by the penalty system. I expect there to be quite a few rally courses in GT5 as well.

But of course if you're looking for a true rally game, then the likes of WRC or Dirt will provide the most detailed rally experience.

Gran Touring2889d ago

this game isn't competing with GT5 so why are you bringing it up? WRC is offered in GT5, but it's not the focus of it at all. What GT5 does focus on, is not offered in WRC.

But on topic, the screenshots are looking good. But when will we see something besides Loeb's C4? :P

hennessey862889d ago

the devs dont ruin this game. I've not liked there last couple of racing games. They were average at best

Yangus2889d ago

Look,and not 2D spectators,its 3D!GT5 why 2D?

ssipmraw2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

gt5 has a shit tonne load of spectators standing / sitting on the track seats, allot more than those visible on the screenshots here. and on similar tracks they have spectators modeled in 3d you do realise....
GT5 hasnt even been properly shown either....

oh and have fun watching spectators instead of playing the game

CernaML2889d ago

What if this game ran at 30FPS?

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