Preview: Rage for PC & Rage: Anarchy for PS3/360?

The fact id owns 'Rage' and 'Rage: Anarchy' trademarks means that the consoles versions will be different. Tim Willits is here on everything there is to know. He says they registered both because they couldn't be sure they'd get the former. "It might have ended up 'id Software's Rage: Anarchy'." It's just one game. That's sort of the point of id Tech 5, isn't it?

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MK_Red3946d ago

I hope they make both versions as identical as possible. Those tech5 demos and walkthrough really stole my heart and the only chance to play a game like that for me is the PS3/360 versions since my PC is prehistoric.

Rageanitus3945d ago

Doom 3 xbox looked quite different that doom 3 pc.
Lighting texture and level design were not the same.

ShiftyLookingCow3945d ago

as far as I can tell from videos(fun to watch) and articles, they are all going to be basically the same, maybe a little less detail here and there

ALIEN3946d ago

i agree wit you. "I hope they make both versions as identical as possible" But you never know HOMIE!

D_U_I3946d ago

with gametrailers last year about the ps3.

On topic - The ps3 is going to have the advantage with this game when it comes to space. I guess that space issue is really happening with the 360... MS should go blu ray...

nuff said.

ALIEN3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

YEAH! MAN, 360 needs alot of [email protected]#. I guess 360fans will be buying a blu-ray for their 360's pretty soon. I have a 360, but i ain't buying [email protected]#. Im good wit my PS3.

likeaboss3023946d ago

All it takes is a firmware update and the 360 plays games using the HD DVD drive. That is assuming that start putting larger games on the HD DVD medium.

ShiftyLookingCow3945d ago

if they sell the HD-DVD drive at 75 a pop, I support that idea otherwise screw it

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The story is too old to be commented.