All New Xbox 360s Bundled with Table Tennis

The new Xbox 360 shipments are coming in for next week's super-ultra-secret price drop weekend. And what we originally thought was just a deal of purchasing an Xbox 360 and getting Table Tennis for free at Circuit City appears to be a little bit deeper. Turns out the game is actually bundled in the packaging and not just an add on.

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MK_Red3701d ago

With success of Nintendo with bundling Wii Sports with Wii, now MS and Sony are doing it with MotorStorm (80Gb) and Top Spin / Table Tennis.

Omicronn3701d ago

I agree Wii created the console bundle again. And sony and ms have to follow.
But Table Tennis VS Motorstorm isnt much of a match. With pricecut though... heck its fine hehe

Next Sony/MS will be adding Wii Motes to the systems. (which would be cool honestly. I could care less if they copy, that Wii wand is great for sitting on the couch and surfing the web.)

shysun3701d ago

So now Console bundles was created by Wii?!STFU!

MK_Red3701d ago

Nobady's saying that.
Wii brought back the bundles but did not invent it. (I believe the first bundle was Odyssey which the console was the whole game!)

eLiNeS3701d ago

with R* Table Tennis added. Not a bad deal. Casual gamers will be into it maybe, if not, you can trade it in for about $12 credit at a EB Games or GameStop. Getting any game is better then nothing.

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Umbrella Corp3701d ago

I brought the wii because of its revolutionary remote.

Effects Guardian3701d ago

Not only do you get a price cut, but you get a game out of the box. One that can satisfy hardcores and casuals alike. Very smart choice. Now they just need to put a memory unit into the Core and they'll be seeing significant results.

Sayai jin3701d ago

Secret price drop? Theres nothing thats a secret anymore with the media now a days.

MACHone3701d ago

The "rumored" price drop? Yeah, I can totally confirm it. Just can't say how. I'd lose my job (hint, hint).

JasonPC360PS3Wii3701d ago

Auhm! I'm tellin on you. LOL

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The story is too old to be commented.