Who Killed the Solar Console?

Kotaku: "Three years ago someone built a solar-powered video game console. It was a novelty. You couldn't really say it was ahead of its time, because that assumes such a time will come"

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HolyOrangeCows2861d ago

Interesting, but obviously impractical.

It would be nice to see alternate forms of energy being used on a larger scale some day soon, though.

Quagmire2861d ago

1: "Guess what i just invented?!"
2: "What?"
1: "A solar powered gaming console!"
2: ...
1: "Isn't it exiting?!"
2: "Dude. Who the hell plays video games outside?"
1: ...
2: "Yeah, thats what I thought..."

mightydog012860d ago

It must have been an hot item at the time AND RROD (jokeing)

2860d ago