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Legendary coder John Carmack walks us through 80 gigs of textures in his newest creation, Tech 5, the engine that powers Rage.

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DiLeCtioN3881d ago

these guys know their $hit...80gigs of texture dam

ShiftyLookingCow3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

wow I am now impressed totally, more than the trailer could ever impress me. Carmack is great at explaining stuff, should be a university professor. And I hope there is 3rd part of these videos where he demonstrates the engine.

[edit] come on guys approve this. its newsworthy.

tehcellownu3881d ago

no wonder the 360 version is goin to be 2 disk or even i got the ps3..

tplarkin73881d ago

Didn't you hear John Carmack say that the PS3 was the lowest common denominator? He said that the PS3 was difficult to manage memory and "lagged" behind the PC and 360 in development.

gEnKiE3881d ago

Its good to see more than just the unreal engine getting tossed around this gen. I hope to see this engine used more often, it looks amazing. John Carmack definitely knows what hes talking about and if he can get a game running like that on a ps3, people are definitely going to be paying attention.

Fighter3881d ago

The engine looks gorgeous but like he said, the PS3 version is lagging more than the 360. I hope everything works out at the end and nothing is sacrificed from the PS3 version.

ShiftyLookingCow3881d ago

I think they are going to make sure all versions are running thru out the developement process as they intend to release to all of them. So if 360 or PS3 version has a little problem and they have to cut, it might affect all the platforms.

Fighter3881d ago

Then I feel really bad for PC gamers. No one deserves an abridged version of a game just because the other versions are suffering.

Kaneda3881d ago

I think he said lagging in production... not lagging in gameplay...

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The story is too old to be commented.