What The Games Miss Out…?

So what does it feel like to actually hold and fire a real rifle when compared to playing a game?

Well one avid gamer gives his answer to that question...

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Vip3r3970d ago

L85A2'a are amazing rifles. I've held an SA80 and a LSW (light support weapon) and it ain't half a beast. I really wish they were in more games seeing that they're amazing guns in real life.

Bolts3969d ago

It isn't used in games because nobody like to get pwned in the face while their fragile L85 jam in the heat of combat.

iggles3970d ago

I must admit I did like handling the LSW

although I would take the LA85 A2 over it anyday of the week :-)

djt233969d ago

me too look really good

Vip3r3969d ago

Actually this is a pretty good read. Devs should take note from soldiers about what war is really like to make the games more relistic. I'm (hopefully) joining the armed forces and not only will I be going through all the training but I'll be using the L85A2 no less. :)

crippler6663969d ago

Sorry but realism leads to banning. Right now I live in a country where idiots are trying to ban games with certain content.

I enjoyed the first and looked forward to the second Manhunt, but now do I want to play a watered down version?

Keep the edge off realism and then we will always be able to blow the heads off vertically challenged (don't want to offend the zombies) with a shotgun.

foss3969d ago

The SA80's alrite - but i have stoppages all the time (the click of death as i call it!). i clean it properly too! the LSW on the other hand is a useless piece of sh*t! its meant to be a section support weapon (but can only hold 30 rounds - therefore is useless as a support weapon). minimi's are used now instead of the LSW's, but i think they should bring back the GPMG's (i've used one and there very good!). the Para's refused to have the LSW's and kept the GPMG's cuz the LSW's are shocking! special forces never use SA80's or LSW's because of the positioning of the safety catch (plus it would identify that they are british!) SF use diemaco C8's, which are brilliant! i've bin fortunate enough to use a diemaco as occasionally SF do some training with us and let us use their kit :D happy days!