The curious riddle of PS3 vs. Wii sales in Japan

Here is another proof that different sides often spin the same statistics for very different purposes. N4G has just posted the reports on how Wii and PS3 did in Japan for July, yet with two considerably different spins from two opposing camps.

The pro-PS3 camp claims that PS3 sales have doubled, while the anti-PS3 camp claims that that Wii outsold PS3 by over 4 to 1. Both claims are based on the same facts but presented from very different perspectives.

Read the numbers, but be wary of the spins.

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Ignorant Fanboy3971d ago

The Wii is doing better than anyone expected it to. Sales wise.

xfrgtr3970d ago

The PS3 did a very good month of july,nobody expected it to.Sales wise

s8anicslayer3970d ago

the ps3 is doing well with no games, why do they post these threads?

crippler6663970d ago

The problem is: the Wii is the fastest selling console of all time, a hell of a lot faster than the PS2 even.

It kinda leaves the other consoles in limbo, the 360 is let off the hook by its sales, but if it had released at the same time as the PS3 and Wii it too would be in the same boat as Sony.

I would like to know how many Japanese Wii owners own / or plan to own a second console?

Sony are not doing aswell as expected, but both Microsoft and Nintendo abandoned their consoles as soon as the next generations came out. Sony have not and have suffered a lack of software because of it.

Hot Shots Golf 5 has started the ball rolling with Sony and if they can get the majority of the fall software out on time then the Japanese market might finally start warming to the new console.

ALIEN3970d ago

But Ps3 is doing way better than 360 in japan.

Ignorant Fanboy3970d ago

So whats your point?

See how things can be spinned? Read the article before spewing $hit out of your sewer hole.

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The story is too old to be commented.