PSP TV Tuner Spotted at Play Asia

Just noticed on Play Asia a pre-order for the PSP TV Tuner and the sad news is that original PSP Owners have been dealt a blow with the news that the TV Tuner only works on the Upcoming PSP Slim.

Heres the details posted at Play Asia:


-Official PSP PlayStation Portable 1seg TV Tuner
-Suitable only for the new Slim Lime Series (PSP-2000)

Is this why the new PSP has the 32MB Upgrade?, why the original PSP can't run it is a mystery but its sad news for those of us who don't want to upgrade to a newer version of the PSP.

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TriggerHappy3912d ago

This has been confirmed for a while now, unfortunately, i heard the confirmation in regards to Japan only. Dont know if we will be seeing this in the state though.

DiLeCtioN3912d ago

bring it to europe and us now

djt233912d ago

sony want us to upgrade now i am getting piss

Premonition3912d ago

if sony can do a trade in old PSP for new PSP deal, not to many people should be pissed off. Probably like trade in a PSP 1 game and get like 50-70 off.

hella whip3912d ago

lol reminds me of my old tv tuner i had for the Game Gear! Doubt I'll be getting this even though I am hoping to change my PSP to the lite version. Unless of course if this is a digital TV tuner?? then i would get one!

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