Costco Offers Wii Bundles

Costco is currently selling Wii bundles that include the Wii, an extra Wii remote and a copy of Mario Party 8 for $329. If consumers are still looking to get a Wii and have a Costco membership, this might be the perfect opportunity for them.

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Bloodmask3729d ago

why this bundle even matters. I can't find Wii anywhere. It is always sold out at every store.

unsunghero283729d ago

People are STILL looking for Wii's like crazy, so if Costco can get some stock and manage to throw in a game that people probably wouldn't buy otherwise, they're making a smart decision.

Trick Nolte3729d ago

Seems to get a lot of Wii's. I got mine from them and when i go there from time to time to pick up games they seem to have them pretty regularly.

orange143729d ago

I am very happy to see this. I was actually just going to check to see if they did! What a coincidence... :P

persian_prince3729d ago

but is it just me...or is the wiimote almost useless without the nunchuk? besides profits, why not just sell both together... :/

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