Warcraft Movie: First Concept Art, 2009 Release, Better than "Doom"

Blizzard and its filmic partner Legendary Pictures revealed a few more details of its upcoming live-action movie based on the Warcraft franchise.

Legendary Pictures' Thomas Tull described the movie as "big," with a budget of over $100 million. "We're not gonna make some cheesy little.. I don't even know what a good example is," he said. Shouts of "Doom" erupted from the crowd. "I'm not gonna give any examples," Tull said after a laugh.

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Phantom_Lee3880d ago

better than Doom? ...thats not saying much...

Cartesian3D3880d ago

DOOM hasnt any CHARACTER or any REAL innovaite story...

same crap as others...

It WILL F***ING ROCK .. because its a BLIZzARD game

and its WARCRAFT.. best STORY for gaming EVER mADE..

LORD ARTHAS fighting! I want to see Frostmourne :)

fopums3880d ago

yeah, saying its better than doom dosent mean it will be groundbreaking, heck blade trinity was better than doom xD

persian_prince3880d ago

seems like blizz is hoping to attract that 9mill subscriber base to the theater = big profit potential.

ktchong3880d ago

Just like the whole WarCraft backstory is a cheap ripoff of the Lord of the Rings and other fantasy works.

persian_prince3880d ago

but tell that to the 9million who fork out a monthly fee to play this 'ripoff'...cant be all that bad. but again, i dont play WoW

ktchong3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Blizzard was making a Warhammer game under Games Workshop's license in the early 1990s. When Blizzard completed the game engine, the licensing deal fell through because the game was in real-time, and Games Workshop was not happy about that and decided to revoke Blizzard's license. Game Workshop wanted a turn-based game just like the Warhammer game. So Blizzard broke off from Game Workshop and just created a new backstory, which was basically a clone of the Warhammer universe, and called it "WarCraft".

The irony is that WarCraft went on to become the most successful game license ever. Since then, Games Workshop has allowed many real-time strategy video games to be made based on the Warhammer license, and there has yet to be one turn-based Warhammer video game. Even more pathetically, Warhammer is trying to catch up the success of the WarCraft series, which is now more successful than Warhammer in and out of the video gaming circle.

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The story is too old to be commented.