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Submitted by ascendantofrain 2033d ago | review

Gamer Nation - Demon's Souls Review

“…and that was the first time I died.” Jackie – The Darkness

This quote from the game “The Darkness”, I believe, accurately sums up one’s experience that can be had while playing Demon’s Souls. You will die, and you will die A LOT. This game is not for the light hearted and/or someone who doesn’t appreciate old school video games of trial and error. If you are willing to take extreme punishment and weather countless storms of anger and depression, then you will be greatly rewarded with one of the most unique and rewarding experiences that we have yet to see as gamers in quite some time. (Demon's Souls, PS3) 9/10

gamelova  +   2033d ago
If they announce a sequel to this game I swear I will do backflips, even though I don't know how to do backflips.
Letros  +   2033d ago
Same, Demon's Souls was an excellent game that has a perfect foundation for an amazing sequel, it's nice to see some variety in a wake of FPS's.
Noctis Aftermath  +   2033d ago
If they do announce a sequel then i have 2 pieces of advice to give you:

1) jumping off higher ground might seem like a good idea, but trust me it isn't so don't.

2) Remember to tuck in your legs!

If you ignore my advice chances are you will do what this guy did:
nix  +   2033d ago
Demon's Souls is a game that will make a sissy out of you as you play in that dingy, dark, scary bug-ridden, swampy area... all alone. and just when you thought you got everyone, some guy with the most powerful weapon appear out of nowhere and kill you.

be ready to be kicked! kicked hard!
GrieverSoul  +   2033d ago
Man, this is one of those games that when you finish it you just want more of it! I played this game till the Platinum Trophy. I admit I used a few cheap tactics with King Allant but I just felt bad about it that in my second, third and fourth playtrough I just went mental and killed him the "normal" way! I died way too much but the feeling of finally overcoming such low odds gives a satisfaction no other game can provide!

Its a great game where you feel reward, the story is there but its presented very subtle and it perfectly blended with the lore of the game.

Bring on the sequel, please! And no dealy for Europe this time! I needed this game so much I got the US version and its one of those game that I will proudly display in my collection for years to come.
frjoethesecond  +   2033d ago
@ Noctis.

Ouch that looked painful as hell. That dude was out of it.
Poseidon  +   2033d ago
demons souls is a game that is meant to piss you off, its meant to make you pull your hair out of your head, but when you make it, you feel like one bad motherfocker, best rpg ive played hands down.
Antan  +   2033d ago
I thin a sequel is a given!
downwardspiral  +   2033d ago
I never got around playing this game, but i'm gonna pick me up a copy this week. I've been hearing a lot of good things about it.
Archdemon  +   2033d ago
You might think that your good at vidya games
Demon's souls has something to say about that.
Poseidon  +   2033d ago
you will not regret it ;) good choice.
Veneno  +   2033d ago
The following for this game just keeps growing. people on my friends list are just starting to play it. that's why i don't get why atlas wants to shut down the online. at least announce a sequel first.
gman_moose  +   2033d ago
That would suck. My copy is on the way now. I'd like to at least try the online for my first run through.
TukkerIntensity  +   2033d ago
Not until March 2011
You have lots of time :)
hi2  +   2033d ago
really hoping to see
a demon's souls 2 announcement soon
Baba1906  +   2033d ago
i need demons souls 2, the first one was the best ever. i have never ever been so emerged into a action rpg. please make a second one!
Tomito  +   2033d ago
I've yet to play this game and I'm on a tight budget, but after reading all the positive reviews and hearing great stuff about it from people it's number 1 on my to buy list.
FunkyzeitMitBruno  +   2033d ago
I'm going to get this game today...
...And I know how frustrating (in a good way!)it can be from what I've read. So, any tips on starting out will be much appreciated :D
TukkerIntensity  +   2033d ago
Start with a Royal
Having Soul Arrows right away really helps.
ranmafandude  +   2033d ago
demon's souls = beast
it kills fable, mass effect, oblivion, and any of those so-called wrpgs out there lol.
guzman  +   2033d ago
Bubble for you Ranmafan. Amen.
theballa113092  +   2033d ago
I don't find it as hard as people make it out to be.

But this game is GREAT! To be honest, I never was into RPG's until I got this game 2 days ago. Because of this game I'm interested into playing more of its type. Can anyone recommend me any other good RPG's on the PS3 ?? New or Old don't matter
Veneno  +   2033d ago
I can't say I know another game like Demon's Souls, but I could Kinda recommend 3D Dot Game Heroes because it's also done by From Software, makers of DS. You know how DS has that familiar trial and error oldschool vibe? well 3DDGH is essentially an oldschool nintendo RPG/Adventure brought to the PS3. it's very enjoyable and was even released at a low price and I think its on sale at gamestop right now! Also, if you have any interest in Strategy RPG's, then you can't go wrong with Disgaea 3, although that game is nothing like Demons Souls.
theballa113092  +   2032d ago
Thanks I'll check those out. I had a feeling DS was the best of its type out.
TukkerIntensity  +   2033d ago
Not sure what systems you have
But if you have a Wii - check out Monster Hunter Tri. This game is fabulous and shares a lot in common with DS.

Check out Dragon Age: Origins. Although not similar to DS - it is a very very good RPG, has a ton of stuff to do and lots of DLC if you can't get enough!

Fallout 3 - Not a game that really grabbed me but I also didn't like Oblivion which is another one you should check out - for some reason those games don't do it for me. But they are massively popular for a reason - they are high quality and people really love them...I'm just a little weird.

For a different really awesome RPG game type check out a strategy RPG like Valkyria Chronicles - it is a beautiful game with a nice story and a lot of charm and very fun combat system.

There are no end to RPG games you could check out and they are all cool in there own way - welcome to the RPG world :) There really aren't any games like DS - it's kind of out on a limb on its own but you should be able to find a lot of quality RPGS to play. You definitely get your bang for your buck with RPGs.
theballa113092  +   2032d ago
Hmmm well I've played Fallout 3 but I just can't get into it. I don't know why but I find it pretty boring although many people like it. I've heard of Oblivion but never really seen gameplay so I'll check it out. Thanks Man!
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JonnyBigBoss  +   2033d ago
I'd give it at 9.0 or higher. It's so fresh and exhilirating. Sure, the first few hours are relentless and challenging, but once you get into it you can't stop playing. I haven't gamed so much on a per day basis in years. I highly highly recommend this game.

Oh, and if you need help shoot me a message. I love co-oping and giving others a hand.

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