Wrath of the Lich King may require Burning Crusade

Joystiq attended a press conference at BlizzCon this morning that was held far too early for people who had been out all night ogling people in World of Warcraft contests. In attendance were J. Allen Brack, senior producer for WoW, Rob Pardo, the Senior VP of Game Design for Blizzard, and Frank Pearce, Executive VP of Product Development at Blizzard.

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Schmitty073947d ago

Because if I did, I would probably be addicted

DiLeCtioN3946d ago

loads of gamers spend time on it..i heard a guy spent the whole day just to level up

MACHone3946d ago

The only MMORPG I've spent any time with is Kal Online, which is freeware. I know if I ever got into something like World of Warcraft, my social life would be screwed. That and my bank account.

Farsendor13946d ago

world of warcraft is only like 15 a month thats not bad at all. 30$ to play for 3 months using the gamer cards thats not a bad deal at all.

Farsendor13946d ago

well im guessing of course they will have to have tbc expansion i dont think a 60 is going to northerend and only way to able to get to 70 is with tbc.