All-Pro Football may price drop with Madden release

EA may be concerned about 2K Sport's All-Pro Football 2K8 and its effect on their very expensive, but very lucrative (and sometimes broken) Madden franchise -- but the concern looks to be a two way street.

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CNIVEK3704d ago

...because it will still be a sh!tty, last-gen game. This game tarnishes the supposed 2K legacy of "owning" Madden. They shouldn't have bothered, if they weren't ready to produce a game that blew the current iteration of Madden away; All-Pro is worse than the last NFL 2K on XBOX/PS2.

jinn3704d ago

whoever came up with the idea to make all pro football had made a big mistake because madden is the king of football games, not that i play madden or anything, but it just is. R.I.P all pro football.

Bloodmask3704d ago

I hate EA as a game producer. The same games every year with different box art and updated rosters.

NFL 2K5 was just giving EA a run for it's money. That is why they bought the rights to the NFL. Truly pathetic.

Props to 2K for finding a loophole to produce another football game. And shame to EA for destroying healthy competition which breeds good games.

FCOLitsjustagame3704d ago

I enjoyed the 2k demo a great deal more then the NCAA 08 demo and I suspect more then I will enjoy Madden. I have also heard nothing but great things from the people I know who purchased APF and actually played it. However, the lack of fanchise and the empathis on overrated real fromer NFL players makes it hard for me to justify a buy of APF2k8 at full price. While its the the crpyness\lazyness and lack of attention to detail of EA that makes it hard for me to justify buying NCAA or Madden at full price. If APF2k drops their prices then that will likely be the one I pick up....depending on how much they drop the price.

I seriously think people need to stop purchasing the EA titles until the time EA actually attempts to upgrade to next gen and includes AT LEAST all the stuff they had in previous versions. Hell even the crowed used to look better then it does now (at least on Ncaa).

timmyp533704d ago

will there ever be a new football franchise that dominates.. thats not from EA?

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