Interview with Kaz about GT5: Prologue, Home, PSN and more

Famitsu sat down with the lead developer of polyphony digital's Kazunori Yamauchi for an interview regarding the upcoming playstation 3 exclusive racing game GT:Prologue in which he reveals some juicy new details.

New details include :

The game that could be released on 10/24/2007 to coincide with the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. Being that this years Tokyo Motor Show will be "revolutionary" for Japanese automakers debuting their brand new sports cars.

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Lord Anubis3947d ago

There will be a “My Page” screen selectable from the title. Having given the online race component a lot of thought, the “My Page” will store your friends list, even calender, ranking etc. The online component will try to build an online community like social networking sites like “My Space”, “Mixi” (Japanese MySpace equivalent)

a lot of Sony first party titles are going for that. The GT fans will be happy.

Maddens Raiders3947d ago

what you just outlined or the fact, "that this years Tokyo Motor Show will be “revolutionary” for Japanese automakers debuting their brand new sports cars."

The last Japanese car I owned before I wrecked it racing and nearly killed myself, was a red 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4. I now own a 3/4 ton 4 wheel drive pickup truck, but have been waiting for this day for some time to see what my friends from the Japanese isle are offering this time around. Man they've given us the Sylvia, 350Z, Celica GT-4, Skylines, Supras, and GTO's, etc...oh what's next? Oh yeah, and the new Chevy Camaro is really tickling my fancy now as well. Good times ahead....good times....

D_U_I3947d ago

'It will be a Grand Turismo “World”. In the final version they would like to have people be able to walk around a town and look at cars.'

Its going to be like a GTA type game!!! haha am loving this...

Bill Nye3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Except you can't steal the cars. You have to buy them. Shucks.

DJ3947d ago

I'd love to walk around a virtual Car Show (if you've ever been to the one in LA, you'll know what I mean) where you can view future concept cars, make new friends, make fun of the funky looking Scions, and even download/test out new rides.

PSN ID: LoveHateTragedy

Sevir043947d ago

well i iknow that you loved the Sony brand from the get go but let me be one of the first to welcome you to a True next gen experience.

I'll add you tonite to my PSN . or you can add me now


DiLeCtioN3947d ago

so how long till this fantastic network launches :))

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