Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars developer interview video

In this video interview, Kanno-san talked how he wanted Crazy Taxi to be game that's immediately fun and rewarding as soon as you pick it up. He also reminisced about wanting to have to game delve deeper into a taxi driver's life - specifically, his daily routine, the passengers he picks up, that sort. While the Crazy Taxi series merely put you behind the driver's seat and pointed you to the direction of your next passenger, it would've been nice if there was story involved...

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Lord Anubis3943d ago

I really liked this game in the arcades. I bought the PS2 version and i lost interest in the game. The game is meant to be played in the arcades not a home console or handheld. The steering wheel and loud music and the whole arcade atmosphere is required for this game.

djt233943d ago

i like crazy taxi on dreamcast maybe i should get it
IF you ever play crazy taxi in arcaded with friend now that fun