Top 10 Worst Cover Athletes

Each year, publishers pick athletes to grace the covers of the latest sports games. Some do an adequate job being a spokesman for that company for years to come, thanks to a squeaky clean record and numerous achievements. Others languish, their covers a reminder of their misdeeds. Some decisions make no sense from the moment they're made.

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toughNAME3879d ago

haha i have the dany heatly edition of NHL 2004

didnt even know he was pulled

Fighter3879d ago

That was the year where he crashed his Ferrari into a tree and his friend and team mate died as a result of that accident. Really Sad story. The EA curse is true. I'm surprised you got a copy with Heatley on the cover, might be worth something one day.

MK_Red3879d ago

I think the whole Sports game cover scheme should change. Right now, each year we get a ton of new FIFA, Madden, NBA and others all with a fmous athlete on the cover which is getting rather boring and stupid.

3879d ago
id dot entity3878d ago

There also was a FIFA game (dunno which year) with the fugly bald referee on it. Really hated that one/

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