PS3 deal officially in effect in Ireland

To many peoples surprise Ireland was never meant to get this deal but its now in full effect.This means all EU country's are in on the sony ps3 deal.

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ktchong3971d ago

don't approve this until the link gets fixed.

Lumbo3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

I snooped a bit through the page and believe i found the right link, hence i added it as alternative source. And yes, the spelling is a PAIN.

I mean how can you manage to get BOTH s cases wrong, its "people's" and "countries"

not peoples and country's *groan*

timmyrulz3971d ago

I live in England and there are ps3 deals like this all over, however how many freebies you may get the cost is still £425 which at todays exchange rate is equivalent to $800!!! yes thats right!! it is not a typo, would anyone in their right mind pay $800 for a dvd player that can play a few games? i know i wouldnt and i havent, instead i investet £180 or $340 on a used xbox 360 premium with a years warranty and everynight i chainshaw many a men in half online on gears of war, ahhhh sheer bliss.......

Tsukasah3970d ago

The reason for the PS3's cost...

1. BluRay
2. Free Online
3. Cell Processor(fargin beast!!)
4. RSX Graphics Card
5. Auto Loader Disk Tray(lol, not affecting the price, but its better than a disk tray =D)
6. SIXAXIS Motion Tilt
7. Full Bluetooth Compatability6
8. Able to play any and EVERY PS1 and PS2 title
9. Upscales DVD movies
10. Smooths out the edges on PS1 and PS2 games, really makes a difference o.O
11. Built In Web Browser
12. A drive for literally any memory card from camera memory cards to mini SD
13. You can print pictures
14. You can have Giselle Bundchen or something like taht (she played in taxi, acted horrible, but damn hot) as a background!!!!
15. 4 USB Ports
16. Less games, but higher quality of games =)

i cant think of that many reasons to get a 360..... prove me wrong, can you?

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The story is too old to be commented.