QuakeCon 2007: Tech5 and Rage Video Commentary with New Footage

id's own co-founder John Carmack unleashes his new gaming engine to the world.

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Lord Anubis3946d ago

80gigs of uncompressed. 20gigs of compressed.

ShiftyLookingCow3945d ago

thats a lot of stuff, PS3 has the upper hand in storage. Its nice they got it running in all the systems.

MK_Red3945d ago

Technically, this game is a monster! Hope gameplay wise its a great as classics like Doom and Wolf.

ShiftyLookingCow3945d ago

nice! I don't even have Insider but I can still download the HD versions with Firefox.

gEnKiE3945d ago

lets hope sony takes the whole memory issue to heart and frees up some of the ram their using for th os......

Auron3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

on video 1

Red3945d ago

..certain people like to hear that type of thing.
It's gotta be frustrating to know your super-cell powered machine is holding back the release of something that is more easily accomplished on the inferior 360.

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