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Aonuma: Skyward Sword "takes place before Ocarina of Time"

GamerZines writes:

Eiji Aonuma, celebrated Director and Producer for several of The Legend of Zelda titles, has unveiled further details regarding the timeline of series and discussed where the latest title fits. (The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Wii)

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darkcharizard  +   1365d ago
Wow, this was unexpected!
Hope its better too :D

Yay @ "there is a master timeline"!
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Redrum059  +   1365d ago
why does link look older then he did in acorina of time?
KruLLit  +   1365d ago
It's not the same Link as in Ocarina of time.
cool cole  +   1365d ago
That's just weird to even think about.
Game-ur  +   1365d ago
But I thought events and setting don’t carry over between Zelda games.
Seijoru  +   1365d ago
Its always been the same planet and general area, why do you think every game begins with the Legend of the Hero of Time?
Seijoru  +   1365d ago
1. Skyward Sword
2. Zelda 1
3. Zelda 2
4. Link to the Past
5. Ocarina of Time
6. Majora's Mask
7. Wind Waker
8. Twilight Princess
Is how the timeline goes. In my Opinion.
nightfallinicedearth  +   1365d ago
That's just pretty much how they were released, well besides the skyward sword. Plus, there are a lot of Zelda games missing from your 'timeline'.
ChickeyCantor  +   1365d ago
Minish cap speaks of a hero and king called GUSTAF in green clothing. This is where the legend comes from that The Hero wears a green tunic.
However, Gustaf never had a cap. In [Minish Cap], Link is the FIRST to wear such thing( even though it was a magical talking cap), thus the complete image of link was told in legends as we know him now.

Therefor Minish cap should be the first in the story line.
If there is any of course.

Windwaker and TP are both on a different line btw.

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DecoyOctopus  +   1365d ago
gustaf? cool that an old swedish name and 8 swedish kings was/is named that
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spooky205  +   1365d ago
there are a few things wrong there.
My order would be (based on the master swords location)

1. skyward sword (creation of master sword obviously has to be the first.)
2. Ocarina of time (a temple is built to house the sword the temple is intact.)
3. Twilight Princess ( The temple is weathered and beaten but still intact.)
4. link to the past (temple is long gone but master sword is still intact in the woods.
5. and i dont know about the rest. They have to come after or possible before link to the past when the temple is long gone because in all the others the master sword is found in the woods. Not sure where handhelds fit in. But based on the master sword alone that would be the order.
swice  +   1364d ago
That is...a very interesting theory...hmmmm. I need to find my thinking cap
AWBrawler  +   1364d ago
Can't be right
Everyone knows WindWaker is at the end,cause hyrule drowned and its closer tothe pirate age than midieval, so thats just wrong. Wind Waker was the end ofthe series unless they mention otherwise and they remade hyrule and all those pirates mysteriously vanished
homer  +   1364d ago
What about Phantom Hourglass? That was a direct sequel to WW.
AWBrawler  +   1364d ago
What I mean is Wind Waker and Phantom hourglass take place after Twilight and OOT, because old hyrule is dead, and unless they have trains and steamboats, the other games take place before these
tunaks1  +   1365d ago
"“Yes there is a master timeline but its confidential document!” explains Aunuma-san. “The only people to have access to that document are myself, Mr. Miyamoto and the director of the title."

can't wait for SS
Forbidden_Darkness  +   1365d ago
There must be a huge reason why they wont release it, maybe a story arc that will explain something so significant that it will blow our minds
Agent Smith  +   1365d ago
They should just release a Zelda encyclopedia.
Spenok  +   1365d ago
Agreed, a Zelda encylopedia would be awesome.
eagle21  +   1365d ago
OMG. Can't wait to play this. :)
Alos88  +   1365d ago
Didn't Nintendo of America specifically state that there is no Zelda timeline outside of the direct continuations?
ChickeyCantor  +   1365d ago
NoA =/= NoJ;

If Aunuma says there is one, im not sure why we should believe some random dude from america replying to someones mail.
eagle21  +   1365d ago
This guy is a lead designer/director for Zelda games. Listen to only him and Miyamoto. :)
Azurite  +   1365d ago
Actually, that was just a support answer, you should never expect someone not involved in the development of games to know such things. :P

Miyamoto hinted on a timeline in the 90's I believe.
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TANUKI  +   1365d ago
Heh, this reminds me of the AVGN episode, where he talks about how the Zelda timeline is all messed up. At least with this one, they are trying to clean up that "issue".
Redempteur  +   1365d ago
We keep telling you there is a timeline
turok  +   1364d ago
Damn you aonuma-san.
Now all the zelda fanboys wil go crazy with theorizing "the zelda timeline to rule them all". ... Damnit.

*Grabs Powerade, thinking cap, calls well informed allies & Zelda zealots,sets up table with zelda information/games/manuals/etc, prepares for the brainstorming/debates that is to come*

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