LIVE Activity for week of 7/30

The most played games for Xbox Live for the week of July 30th are listed by Major Nelson. Gears of War remains at the top spot.

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Rhezin3977d ago

I've never played Vegas over live, only gears. Is it any good?

HeavyweightInTheGame3977d ago

Its a great game online but not as fast paced as say call of duty or gears for example. You must use a bit of strategy in your gameplay.

reaperxciv3977d ago

it's a great game, up to 16 players online (with a dedicated server),a lot less trashtalk occurs in it than gears (players agree not to glitch/make use of exploits or risk getting booted).

Lygre3977d ago

The list is not the most played games on Xbox Live, it's the most played games whose players are connected to Live, so to speak.

If I'm connected to Xbox Live and I'm playing Oblivion, then I count as one player. If I'm playing Gears of War, it doesn't matter if I'm playing singleplayer or multiplayer, as long as I'm connected to live; I get registrered.

I would much rather have a list that shows the most played games ON xbl.

Bloodmask3977d ago

glad a lot of gamers purchased the bomberman game on XBL.

The franchise has been around forever and it really is a fun game.

Thanks Hudson.

cloud3603977d ago

xbox will njever win the video game war until the day final fantasy gos microsft.

fact that FF leapt from nintendo to ps1 guraenteed the sucees of FF series. following the success FFVII(selling 10 mil) first killer ps1

Daxx3977d ago

We Xbox fans don't really care about Final Fantasy and if there is any that do it's only a small few.

But this is a topic about XBL activity and not "who is going to win the console war".

Sayai jin3977d ago

Even though this article is about XBL not console wars someone still had to comment on it. Anyway if you think the FF series will win the console wars for an system then.... Just to let you know that FF 7 is on the 360. There are a lot of other great RPG's. The FF series are Japanese style RPG's and really ot my cup of tea. I tend to like games like Oblivion.

Back on topic. These numbers will change drastically on Sep 25 and into the holidays.

jay33977d ago

I never really say this about a game but with FF i have to.

They're all the same and boring as hell.

I got halfway through X and just couldn't take it anymore. Same old crappy fighting system, apparently needing to go back halfway to pick up something, only to be rewarded with a new thing to do the crappy fighting system with.

F.A.C.T - The only thing special about FF series is the story. Which is, quite frankly, all over the place.

No one really cares about Final Fantasy. I;m getting a PS3 and there's no way i'm picking it up. It's just something that the PS3 fanboys realised they had so they decided to make it sound great and treat it like a gift from god all of a sudden. The exct same goes for MGS4. It's not great. Yet fanboys are going "PS3 exclusive...? OMG I love MGS! It's the best thing ever! God, i've always loved it! Ultimate in Stealth Tactics!"

Then some of them come on to the Bioshock review story and say Bishock it too slow paced...

Wow, that was a little bit of a hissy fit for which i apologise. I'm getting a PS3 so have nothing against it, but damn, im just so sick of these fanboys!

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