Halo 3 pre-order at 7-Eleven

Joystiq: Get a Slurpee and pick up your copy of Halo 3 at the same time? One reader sent us this shot from his local 7-Eleven where you can apparently "reserve your copy today" for the return of Master Chief this September. We don't know if this is a national offer, but if there is some way to avoid the GameStop madness and possibility of the title being sold out at logical retail locations, we'll take the three-day-old hot dog and Halo 3 to go from the corner store for sure.

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FordGTGuy3977d ago

I just fell onto the ground laughing.

Schmitty073977d ago

People camping outside a 7-11 for the midnight launch! LMAO

ichimaru3977d ago

wow halo3 with a @above that is funny camping out at 711

cdzie13977d ago

This just shows you how big Halo 3 is going to be.

ParaDise_LosT3977d ago

When Halo 3 releases I bet well see a news in
N4G talking about a midnight line on 7-11 x)

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The story is too old to be commented.