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Next Wolfenstein Game Coming to PS3

id CEO Todd Hollenshead confirmed at QuakeCon that the Raven Software developed "Castle Wolfenstein," the codename for the next game in the Wolfenstein series, will be coming to the PlayStation 3 alongside the previously announced Xbox 360 and PC versions.

The article also includes details of id's other QuakeCon announcement and the first trailer for Rage. (PS3, Wolfenstein)

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jared81799  +   3034d ago
Raven needs to make another JK game for realz.
tehcellownu  +   3034d ago
thats good news for ps3 owners...
ichimaru  +   3034d ago
sharing the love i guess? well at least everyone can enjoy this one
HeavyweightInTheGame  +   3034d ago
Anyone know about the release date for this game?
Kleptic  +   3034d ago
I loved Return to Castle Wolfenstein...at least the multiplayer part...that was one of the first WWII games of this decade, before EA and Activision fished that lake to the point of no return...
ReconHope  +   3034d ago
wolfenstein what? lol. just kidding
ill think ill leave this one alone got better games to buy.
DiLeCtioN  +   3034d ago
lol downloaded
i remember this game its good...i am so cheap i got it from limewire but if its coming to ps3 then awesome news
AIZEN SOZUKE  +   3034d ago
yeah, ps3 gettin all da good ones
HeavyweightInTheGame  +   3034d ago
@ the 2 guys above
Not sure if you quite know but this is a NEW Wolfenstein game, not a port of the original RTCW. Just letting you know is all. And the original one was pretty damn sick!
_insane_cobra  +   3034d ago
So why is this only in the PlayStation 3 category?
THAMMER1  +   3034d ago
Do you really have to ask!?
boodybandit  +   3034d ago
Because it was already known / scheduled to come out on the 360 and PC. The fact that it is now coming out to the PS3 as well is probably why it's here.
THC CELL  +   3034d ago
i new that anyways

just that they was making exclusive contents for x box
RadientFlux  +   3034d ago
great news, I will personally buy the x360 version though, I prefer the x360 controller over the PS3 when it comes to fps.
Rhezin  +   3034d ago
that sucks
Fighter  +   3034d ago
I really hate these misleading titles
Title says: Next Wolfenstein Game Coming to PS3.
It should have said: Next Wolfenstein Game Coming to PS3, 360 and PC.

I was expecting a PS3 exclusive until I hit the jump to find out it's coming for the 360 and the PC. Please don't give a misleading title to an article like this in the future.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   3034d ago
The contributor knew it to he can read. Damn pathetic and very sligh.
segasage  +   3034d ago
Screw this site...
What does it take to be a contributor?

The heading is misleading, the game is also for PC/360, who runs this site?
This is good news indeed, but seems like "fanboys" approved this, as well as "Mr, contributor" as if, it was Exclusive to one console or something.

Probably never even clicked on the Article or Read it.

NEWs 4 WHO again?
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KingJFS  +   3034d ago
Jeez, are the commenters on this site that psyched up over "the war" that any little thing that could be considered biased is something to get pissy about?

The ONLY newsworthy piece of information to come out of this announcement is that the game is coming to the PS3.

It was already known to be in development.
It was already known Raven was the team who would be developing it.
It was already known it was coming to the PC and Xbox 360.

So the only NEW bit of information is the announcement it's also coming to the PS3.

EDIT: And it says in the writeup "alongside the previously announced Xbox 360 and PC versions" so it's not like I was trying to hide that information.
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ShiftyLookingCow  +   3034d ago
KingJFS, thanks for what I wanted to say a lot better, its like everybody is betting their lives on which console wins. id is not playing console favorites at all, infact according to Carmack, if the PS3 is going to require lowering of things because of framerate issues its going to affect other versions.
SwiderMan  +   3034d ago
KingJFS, don't sweat it: If people can't read the text that follows the headline: "...alongside the previously announced Xbox 360 and PC versions," (something that you can't fit in a concise headline) then they aren't the audience that matters to a well written site like Gaming Target. Nice article.
AIZEN SOZUKE  +   3034d ago
actually they mean it was originally announced as comming to those to platforms, but now its ps3s exclusive, dont be mad
RadientFlux  +   3034d ago
um where do you see the word exclusive in the article?
frostbite06  +   3034d ago
God i hope that was a joke
#15.2 (Edited 3034d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
AIZEN SOZUKE  +   3034d ago
oh it wasnt
Loudninja  +   3034d ago
Can anyone read at all?
its been know thta a 360 and PC version was coming, the only thing new is the PS3 version annoucement.
The Snake  +   3034d ago
I hope Raven does a better job on this than they did on Quake 4.
ShiftyLookingCow  +   3034d ago
yeah I hope so too
QuackPot  +   3034d ago
Why buy this game if you have UT3?
It's so old school.
s8anicslayer  +   3034d ago
pretty soon nothing will be exclusive only first party games. why would a dev want to limit profit to just one console when they can just about triple profits going multi?
m9105826  +   3034d ago
It will never be as good as WOLF3D. No one ever needs a world with non-90 degree corners. And the voice acting was incredible for the time. lol. Seriously, my uncle got a Sound Blaster sound card for Wolf, and the first time I heard "Mein Leben!" from one of the bosses I was like "Jesus Christ! They can talk in games now?!?". Those were the days. sigh... I miss the simplicity, when the whole back story was in the instruction booklet because they couldn't put it into the game. A time when John Carmack hadn't yet gone completely insane with narcissistic lust, and where three guns and a knife were plenty of "firepower" to get the job done. "I+L+M" ladies and gents, the simplest cheat code ever. [/nostalgia]
Double-Edged  +   3034d ago
I played Return to Castle Wolfenstein on X-box Live.
great game.

if this is exclusive...I will be jelous.

really fun game.
Semimorphus  +   3033d ago
Speaking of Wolfenstein..
When are we going to see some footage of the game?!

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