Next Wolfenstein Game Coming to PS3

id CEO Todd Hollenshead confirmed at QuakeCon that the Raven Software developed "Castle Wolfenstein," the codename for the next game in the Wolfenstein series, will be coming to the PlayStation 3 alongside the previously announced Xbox 360 and PC versions.

The article also includes details of id's other QuakeCon announcement and the first trailer for Rage.

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jared817994148d ago

Raven needs to make another JK game for realz.

tehcellownu4148d ago

thats good news for ps3 owners...

ichimaru4148d ago

sharing the love i guess? well at least everyone can enjoy this one

HeavyweightInTheGame4148d ago

Anyone know about the release date for this game?

Kleptic4148d ago

I loved Return to Castle least the multiplayer part...that was one of the first WWII games of this decade, before EA and Activision fished that lake to the point of no return...

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The story is too old to be commented.