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Blizzard's New Cash Cows

StarCraft: IncGamers has a guest column on Blizzard and what ways they will continue to gain money, if WoW indeed will become free-to-play, as discussed. (Blizzard, Diablo III, Industry, PC, Starcraft II, StarCraft II: Wings of LIberty, World of Warcraft, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm)

Chazmers  +   1712d ago
quite easily the main option is micro-transactions or even introducing premium content for SCII
Porco  +   1712d ago
With mapmakers being able to create almost anything, what would that be, exactly?
Montrealien  +   1712d ago
this is not the subject of the article, just the title and the blurb, that actual article goes a little deaper. however, since we are on the subject, If I am not mistaken, SC2 galaxy editor will let you make some good mods and sell them through bnet and Blizzard would take a cut from that.

Imagine if the makers of DoTa where able to sell their mod for 5$, or the best tower defense cost 1-2$, this has huge potential to be a cash cow.
Djorgo  +   1712d ago
Interesting idea, but what?

More campaign material?
Porco  +   1712d ago
Exclusive models and stuff?
Djorgo  +   1712d ago
@ Porco - yeah, but those could easily be copied and added by mapmakers, making them not-so-exclusive... :P
Djorgo  +   1712d ago
Free-to-play, ey?

So just taking after GW then?
Apollyn  +   1712d ago
Because gw invented f2p mmo's
Montrealien  +   1712d ago
Well only the free to play part would be taking after GWs, similar free to play structures havebeen used in many games, even before GW came out. Taking after GW as a game would invole making wow an instance based mmorpg and destroying the persistent world which is the main difference between GW and WoW. With that Said, GW 2 seems be impleting many features only seen in persistent worlds which may prove to be some pretty solid competition to wow and that is why this article came to be, more competition may make Bliaard find a new subscription model.
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Cogo  +   1712d ago
Maybe not to take after, but to compete with them.
Porco  +   1712d ago
Lovely illustration, I must say!
Vipermagi  +   1712d ago
That was a pretty good read :) Keep it up.
Dorjan  +   1712d ago
It might work, pretty cool to pay a subscription to play 3 games instead of just 1...
UIOP  +   1712d ago
I don't really like it, or I perhaps don't get it.

I like WoW without a subscription, that will probably get me hooked again, but if that means a monthly fee for Battlenet, I would not start again.
If a monthly fee for battlenet was forced upon me, I would probably neither play Diablo III or Starcraft II, as my friends wouldn't subscribe.

My main reason for not playing WoW, is that friends drop off. And a monthly subscription rapidly increases the drop-off rate.
Cogo  +   1712d ago
Read the article. This doesn't mean you will be forced to pay for B.net instead of WoW. You COULD opt in to pay for B.net and have all games from there, or you could switch to a free-to-play version of WoW and play it forever.
Nihilism  +   1712d ago
Wow that would really really suck. I have the shittest internet known to man, I hate this online only push B.S. I still buy my games on disks and will continue to do so. If the second and third games are released this way then i'll have waited 10yrs for 1/3yr of a sequel...B.S all over it.
iceman2929  +   1712d ago
Wouldnt be a terrible idea...
If Blizzard released games more often. If I have to wait 5 years for the library of games to expand then im not going to pay a monthly fee... id rather just buy the lifetime liscence and save my money.
kragg  +   1712d ago
Excellent piece.

I agree that they might go towards this model, but I think it would definitely be driven by the higher powers at Activision. I find it odd that they would consider GW2 to be any real competition, but I guess the sequel is garnering much more hype than the original. Guild Wars is my favorite mmo of all time but I didn't think it really provided that much real competition for WoW considering straight sub numbers.
Cogo  +   1712d ago
Guild Wars 1 and WoW are two entirely different games. WoW is all about social(?) gameplay, where everything takes place in a single huge world and mostly gear influences how powerful your toon is. GW1 is all about what skills you use in a zone, and how you use it. However, GW2 is very similar to WoW in its mechanics, although it still keeps to its root features.
Alos88  +   1712d ago
Can Starcraft and Diablo really be called cash cows if Blizzard has spent years working on both?
Cogo  +   1712d ago
Yes. Don't forget Blizzard has spent 10 years working on Warcraft(and 3-4 years on WoW), and it has become the main cash cow of the Blues today.
Spenok  +   1712d ago
I guess any game or product made is technically a cash cow. Seeing as how its there to make the company money. Though the term is usually used for games that get milked Such as Halo and CoD.

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