7 games saved by GTA IV delay

If you can overlook the fact that we might not being playing it for another six months, there's plenty of good news behind Rockstar's shocker GTA IV delay.

For one, it's (hopefully) guaranteed to be a more polished and complete product by the time it's out for release. Secondly you now have a chance to enjoy all these Christmas releases, which might've previously been lost in the GTA carnage...

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THC CELL3912d ago

i must say gta saved me some time to play haze

HeavyweightInTheGame3912d ago

I will now get time to play many more great games due out this fall. But at the same time I have to wait an extra 6 months to play this great game. I'm actually a bit annoyed as I haven't played a console based GTA since 2004. LCS and VCS don't really count in my opinion as they were more side projects.

gta_cb3911d ago

i agree, i havnt had a new GTA since San Andreas for the PS2, i also dont count the PSP releases as i dont feel as though there the same...

Bloodmask3912d ago

that GTA4 may have impacted those games a little bit.

But they are not in the same genre so I think all games probably would have been fine.

BLACKJACK VII3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

I agree Bloodmask, but the missed the biggest title on the map next to Halo 3 -


Of course, Halo 3 & Mass Effect both probably would not have been affected much by Grand Theft's original release.

ISay3912d ago

games like halo, gta4, maden hurt other games regaurdless off genre if some one only has 60 bucks they get the sure bet this is good news for lots of games

bee24273912d ago

those games are gunna be hot anyway i dont see how there being saved

ISay3912d ago

the majority off people who buy an xbox or ps this xmass aren't going to recognize the new ip's like mass effect, bio shock, haze uncharted they'll get the next gen game they had in last gen, i worked in retail

hella whip3912d ago

To many choices as to what game I replace GTA with! Thinking Haze but i'm getting bored with playing FPS games.

ISay3912d ago

dark sector, uncharted, cod4... get game fly its cheaper

erosevaporator3912d ago

After 3 and a half years of gamefly service, I can honestly say it's a joke. You pay the cash for like 2 days a week of gametime, thanks to shipping. Honestly, I am better off going to the movie store and renting on mondays and thursdays when games and movies are only 99 cents. Sorry to sound like a troll, and I know I do, but gamefly has gotten just horrid. I rented a copy of halo 2 that didn't work, and tried returning it, and got the hassle of e-mails saying I never returned it for like a month and a half AFTER they sent the e-mail saying they had returned it. They even tried to charge my credit card for it....asses. I know this has nothing to do with this article, and I apologize.

Just reserve a few months ahead with five bucks, and put 5 bucks a week on your games at a game store, I know, I hate them too, but I own all of the games they just mentioned now because of this system...and up until last night, GTA 4. But I figured screw it, I'll cancel, buy overlord, and start all over, since it;'s not out til april. Reserve is like the new layaway.

Wolverick3912d ago

you say that gamefly sux because the shipping is so slow. So I'm curious if you or anyone else is using or ever used I was considering starting to use that to help me through the next year so i don't go broke buying games and they also have a shipping center near by so that might help with the shipping times. Any input would be appreciated.

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The story is too old to be commented.