Kinect: Priced for the Competition, Not the Consumer

With all three of the hardware manufacturers having laid their fourth quarter cards on the table, following Microsoft’s announcement of the Kinect pricing strategy yesterday, we can now get a clear perspective of not only where each format stands in the marketplace, but where they hope to be standing this time next year. Though each of the console manufacturers seem to be quietly agreeing that motion-control is the most viable future for an expanding consumer base, each has a decidedly different idea of what the consumers will be willing to spend their money.

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Red Panda2803d ago

When do they ever price anything for the consumer? They prey on the stupid and the weak. Most companies do this crap but M$ is up there when it comes to the douche baggery.

JokesOnYou2803d ago

Just look how kinect quickly jumped up the best seller chart since the price announcemet, move doesn't seem to draw much attention because most folks have already written it off as a wii-too peripheral from sony....its going to take alot to overcome that stigma by the general public, and get the casuals to buy into move when they already have a wii....


Unicron2803d ago

Very true.

What I don't get is, I've yet to see the core/hardcore appeal to EITHER of these products. Yet people are still defending them to the death. Kinda sad.

IRetrouk2803d ago

yep for something that dont work propa like

mathsman2803d ago

I agree with his point, if Kinect as aimed at casual gamers why is it priced as though hardcore will be buying it?

SolidSystem2803d ago

the casual is willing to throw around money as well. the core are not the ones buying pieces of plastic to make their wii-mote look like a gun. or make their wii-mote look like a bat.

so this whole notion that the casual wont throw down 150 for Kinect, i personally see, has no real grounds other than people finding one more thing to cry about. the media has had a love hate relationship with Kinect, for what ever reason.

nickjkl2803d ago

isnt 150 euros like 200 dollars

which makes me think why is microsoft selling the add on for 150 euros

and the bundle for 300

not to mention in order to use it properly you need to be in a well lit room with lots of space something most gamers dont have

SolidSystem2803d ago

but its never just a straight conversion. Europeans have been complaining they "pay" more than americans. currency is much more complicated than just changing it over quickly.

so even when straight converted to dollars, we dont know the american price that i know of.

Rush2803d ago

Actually the price difference is caused by a little something called tax, it's good to see you guys are quite current I mean it was only invented in the 1600s.

Spenok2802d ago

Because Microsoft wants more money?

El_Colombiano2803d ago

Kinect is such old technology. There is almost nothing it can do that the $30 PS Eye can't do. Microsoft is really milking the sheep on this one.

howjord2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

kinect is far better than the bloody eye toy. as kinect detects 3d space the eyetoy just tracks movement.
the eyetoy is the same as the xbox live vision camera

gallospqra2803d ago

uuh, 3d space detection. to do what? Kinectimals? wow, nice!

PSEye itself is not as advanced as Kinect camera, sure, but with the Move controller there's perfect XYZ detection and no lag. So I don't see how in the world could Kinect do something that PSEye+Move can't do.


And with Move is making 3D Space, with better precision along with PS Eye.

Mmmkay2803d ago

ps2 eye toy is not the same as PS3 EYE.

stop thinking natal is a new technology...

Silver3602802d ago

track your arms and legs at the same time?

El_Colombiano2802d ago

That's what the $30 Playstation Eye is for. Try harder.

BeaArthur2803d ago

Wouldn't you price it so people would buy it? I thought the point was to sell it.

Mustang300C20122803d ago

People are buying it. After 2 days it is already at 64 on Amazon and for Kinect sitting at number 9. Kinect has been sitting in the top 20 for the past month before the official price. Move and the bundle are no where to be found.

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