No Diablo III at Blizzcon 07

Website Diablo3, who were at the Blizzcon 07, is reporting that there will be no new announcements from Blizzard. Thus no Diablo 3:

"A rep from Blizzard just sent me notice that there would be no more announcements at BlizzCon tomorrow (Saturday), so for those of you (ie: all of you) who were hoping that this would be the day that Diablo 3 was finally confirmed, I'm sorry to inform you that you'll have to continue to wait."

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achira3784d ago

i want diablo 3!! one of the best rpgs ever!

CLOUDJU3784d ago

sometime before Diablo III will be released. It has a probable chance of it being announced a year or two after the release of Starcraft II. So hang in there Diablo fans.

persian_prince3784d ago

a little piece of me just died....*sniff* no d3....

Daver3784d ago

Noooo!!!!! we want diablo 3!!!!! (well i wanted diablo 3 a lot more than starcraft 2 even if i liked starcraft a lot too)