Never-Before-Seen PS Move Tech Demo is Amazing

DualShockers writes, "Yesterday we were fortunate enough to hang out with our buddy Anton Mikailov from SCEA at Sony’s Holiday media preview event in NYC. We caught up with Anton and the PS Move a while back, and although he had some cool stuff to show us last time around, this time I was absolutely floored. Anton showcased some never before seen PS Move tech demos; the same demos that are being shown to 3rd party developers and publishers in order to showcase what the PS Move is all about. The first demo in the clip, is one you may have seen but just wait until you see the “chameleon” and “Rts” demos. Just think about all of the potential. Amazing is the only way to describe it. Check out the clip below."

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iiprotocolii2589d ago

Honestly, the more I see the Move in action, the more impressed I am with it. A lot of people tend to actually compare it to the Wii's controls. But, although the Wii IS a motion controller, I have yet to see it apply its tech onto applications the way the Move has been doing. For those of you who will try to compare both controllers, do yourself the favor and read on the difference in techs. The fact that developers have the option to patch code into current and future games that can make use of the controller is an amazing feat on its own.

Joule2589d ago

The physics are just crazy.

HorsePowerr2589d ago

Holy shit this is amazing.

joydestroy2589d ago

i know! i can't wait for it to come out. i'm pretty excited.

Montrealien2589d ago

That was a pretty cool tech demo, hopefully this will catch on, it clearly has motion to take Wii style motion controle to a whole new leve.

sikbeta2589d ago

PS Move is here to Stay pals, you'll love it, it has the potential to replace the DualShock if Sony can find a way to take out the camera...

PlayStation Move FTW!!!

Perjoss2589d ago

its an impressive video, you can see by the reflection of the balls in the TV that there is very little lag. Really looking forward to trying this out for myself.

WhittO2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Next PS3 to have inbuilt HD PS Eye? haha, in 4 years time might not seem so stupid.

Have to say, I was probably going to get Move after seeing E3 conference, but the more I see what it can do, which is not just the crap Casual stuff, makes me excited to see what amazing games Devs like Naughty Dog could produce.

WhittO2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Sorry in 4+ years time I'm sure it will be a 4D cam that will cost alot to include, trying to push the industry forward with the tech, increasing the PS4 price higher, making people cry, then 2-3 years later when the tech becomes common place/standard get over it and start to realise it was the best decision/value for money and will be used for years to come without the need to buy any extra (expensive) add-ons etc.

barom2589d ago

i'm just waiting for a truly cool game. I hope there'll be an Alan Wake-esque game for the Move. That would've been awesome. Or if Dead Space 2 supported Move, I would buy that in a heartbeat.

For now I'll still wait on the sidelines. No games have truly "moved" me yet. Tech demos are awesome but we're not getting access too them :/

raztad2589d ago

Check Echocrome ii

I intend to play some shooters with MOVE, KZ3 among them.

BTW, I agree that a MOVE enabled Dead Space 2 would be amazing.

plumber152588d ago

Think of uncharted 3 with the climbing mechanic that will be sweet

Quagmire2588d ago

Is there any chance of getting the Tech Demo for free when buying the move? That looked INSANE!

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rroded2589d ago

now let em bring on the games XD

sxpacks2589d ago

Games that need to use these Demos

1) Mirror's Edge
2) Infamous
3) Iron Man
4) Sorcery
5) Heavy Rain
6) Prince of Persia

sxpacks2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )


theEXPATRIATED2589d ago

Screams Demon's Souls to me! :)

BannedForNineYears2589d ago

What about Demon's Souls?! >:[

sxpacks2588d ago

No Demon's Soul because the Sword and Shield was already demo-ed and implemented

See Sports Champion.

I'm looking at the chameleon demo and the Hado-ken aspect

morganfell2588d ago

Demon's Souls is fantastic but when I think of Move and a RPG I cross my fingers and think about The Witcher 2.

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Seijoru2589d ago

Move is looking pretty sic! Anyone notice that one of the creators is just a gamer like us and near our ages, that is why I think Move is so in tune to what real gamers want. Its not some PR middle aged guy with a bunch of child actors demonstrating an overpriced camera with pre-rendered footage.

tawak2588d ago


nycredude2589d ago

If you order this month's (July) Qore they have a huge section with the creator demoing real use of the tech. It is amazing to say the least. If you are still on the fence I guarantee the demo will make up your mind. Go order July Qore for 2 bucks.

Inside_out2589d ago Show
nycredude2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Seriously get a life cez. 2 bucks to me mean shit since I make money with a job. I don't spend my life on N4g bashing everything Sony and sucking MS's dick. Go ahead take my bubbles I don't give a shit. N4g is a cess pool of hate anyways so I could care less.

I get more aggravation from visiting this site than I do information so see ya and I wouldn't wana be ya.

"Shooters and motion controllers don't really mix..." Sure I bet you think shooters and a mouse and keyboard don't mix either right? That is exactly what it will be like to play a shooter with the move.

Yeah I am a Ps3 fanboy that is why I had a Wii, 360, Ps3 and A Laptop that runs rings around your DESKTOP.

Now move along kiddo... and remember there is more to life than N4g.

Scotland-The-Brave2589d ago

Dude, you seriously are fucked up, what the hell is wrong with you?
There are a lot of fanboys on this site(including me) but at least im civil and elaborate my perception of things. You on the other hand are hands down the worst on here,(Cez,Green,Hallmark) i think your all the same person, Get a life
On Topic: This is impressing me a lot now, before i wasnt interested but after the sorcery tech demo i'm sold.

morganfell2588d ago

Nothing says a person was pwned like a fit of jealous rage...

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Motorola2589d ago

I liked the Chameleon one, I can see interesting games made from that

Red Panda2589d ago

You could make one hell of a jedi based Starwars game. Pick people up and force push em, or impale them with the saber after you take off a limb or four.

bviperz2589d ago

Definitely down with the Star Wars feel!

CobraKai2589d ago

It would be so easy to go to the dark side when you can force choke and dismember your enemy limb from limb. Imagine how creative and sadistic you can get.