Women of Gaming You Don't Bring Home to Mom

Jon Lynch: "One of the toughest tasks or trials a man will face in his lifetime is the day he decides to take the love of his life home to meet mom. One thing we know about gamers is that many of them like what they see when playing games and checking out the finely crafted female characters that appear on the screen. These fictional women are crafted with the purpose of appearing attractive to male gamers, but which ones have the worst personalities and would have mom cussing you out for bringing them into their house? That’s what we’re looking at today as we run down the female characters you wouldn’t dare take home to mom."

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GunShotEddy2866d ago

That is the hottest bayonetta I have ever seen freaking EVER! back on topic: I think my mom would trip if I brought any videogame character home.

VG_Releaser2866d ago

bubz for stating the obvious.

Reibooi2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

The Model they used for the Japanese ads was WAY better.

nickjkl2866d ago

i dont care what this article says im bringing morrigan home

darx2866d ago

Every time I see these articles I think what a loser the author must be.

Blaze9292866d ago

the whole damn site staff for that matter. pathetic and just sad what people will do now adays for hits. go out and meet real women.

360Defender2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

Its amazing to me the amount of loser gamers. Get a life, get a woman, get a wife or whatever... but CHRIST, GET OUT OF THE FRIGGIN HOUSE!!!

edit: I feel sorry for these women that have so little modeling opportunities they dress up as videogame characters for fanboy geeks.

LoaMcLoa2866d ago

Well, atleast they get paid. And they wont get any STDs!

Kurt Russell2865d ago

They will if I'm given the chance!

J-Smith2866d ago

they should rename this site to -

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