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Cliffski Is A Jerk: Sean Murray Explains XBLA Comments

That headline got you reading, didn't it? But that impulse isn't half making it hard to speak frankly, says managing director of Hello Games, Sean Murray in his developer's blog on Edge. (Cliffski, Dev, Hello Games, Industry)

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xYLeinen  +   1711d ago
And who really care about that?

He makes good games and that's all I care about.
Seijoru  +   1711d ago
Gears 1 was good, Gears 2... not so much.
jeenyus  +   1711d ago
What are you on about, read the article.
It's not Cliffy B.
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Downtown boogey  +   1711d ago
Gears 2 was MUCH better than the first one! The campaign of it kicks the first one in the ass, HARD!! Also Horde is great.
Versus MP of the first one was legendary but I wouldn't even count that.

If anyone disagrees, PLEASE, TELL ME how the first one's SP is better because I don't see it.

On topic:
I don't think Mark went THAT much over the line in the first place and his apology, I think, sufficiently redeems his fidelity.
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tdrules  +   1711d ago
Dear Developers,
Stop turning the industry into a WWE event and grow the fuck up
NYPunkster  +   1711d ago
: /
ZombieAutopsy  +   1711d ago
did u even read the article tdrules?
joypads  +   1711d ago
blah blah blah who gives a crap if he's a jerk or not ?
Spenok  +   1711d ago
Pretty much my thoughts, if he can come up with good, worthwhile playable games then i could care less if he's a douchbag.
olit123  +   1711d ago
LOL half of these commenter's jumped to conclusions and didn't even read the article!
ZombieAutopsy  +   1711d ago
You forget what site you're at? I can admit to doing it a few times before, as I am sure everyone has but usually give a read.
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andron666  +   1710d ago
I said the same thing yesterday in the articles about this incident.

It's clear that so many just interpret the headline and never read any of the articles. I did read it and got a different story. The real story, but most doesn't seem to want the truth, just the drama and pointless arguments.

But that Rein is a jerk seems to be a popular thought for some reason. People even talk about Cliffy B. here, when the Cliffski is referring to Cliff Harris. No wonder confusion and flame wars rage high...
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