Heavenly Sword is "half-assed" says Itagaki

Itagaki is at it again. Itagaki Tomonobu who is the lead graphics programmer of Tecmo refers to Heavenly sword as "half assed" in the latest EGM magazine in which there's a Heavenly Sword preview and a little article.

"I've never played a good game where the developers put a big icon of the button you're supposed to press onscreen," Itagaki says. "I look at Heavenly Sword and it seems really half-assed, because it's asking you to do all these button-timing sequences but you are not getting much payoff from it."

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FordGTGuy3946d ago

yet his one of the only developers that can talk crap and get away with it because of Ninja Gaiden. Soon to be shown Ninja Gaiden 2.

Real Gambler3946d ago

In my book, after the demo, Ninja Gaiden went from "buy on first day" to "rented only, and now I won't ever buy it unless I can get it dirt cheap on Ebay" while Heavenly Sword is still a "buy on first day", not just because of all the combat and awesome combos, but because of everything around it, including pressing a big X button... Ok, I guess I'm showing my age... I'm old : )

MikeMichaels3946d ago

...Yes, just good.

But this is also the guy responsible for the laughable DOA:Volleyball and DOA fighting franchise itself, which was about as deep as a puddle.

Guess it pumps up the fanboys though.

Omegasyde3946d ago

Itagaki is full of it. Itagaki Tomonobu only made one great game. So now he is on top with the likes of Hideo Kojima, Shigeru Miyamoto, Epic studios team, and Sid Mier? Hell even the Ed Boon and John Tobias
(creators of Mortal Kombat) have more in their portfolio than this guy.

Ninja Gaiden was fun but this guy does have the right to judge especially when he really hasn't proven anything yet.

Its like saying Kevin Federline (K-fed) saying that Vanilla Ice sucks.
This guy is still on a "Rookie" studio busting on another "rookie" studio.

Jeremy Gerard3946d ago

Is the coolest Japanese guy I have ever seen, and he is right, this game is nothing but a female version of God of War, same dam game only with a female, 360 would never get away with making two games that are so similar, everyone would be trash talking these games if GOW and HS were both on 360. GOW clone all the way.

tplarkin73946d ago

Back when Shenmue was released in 1999, every critic bashed the QTEs. Today, for some reason, QTEs are now ok. Itagaki is right to criticize the QTEs. I would rather just watch the cutscene.

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ReconHope3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

isnt this that pervert guy who sexually assualted his secretary? the nerve to talk trash.

FordGTGuy3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

she lied her ass off about it.


Disagree with me what?

A Gamespot report details Tecmo's official response, which is firmly on the side of the eccentric (and occasionally drunk) developer. "The alleged sexual harassment of the former employee by Itagaki never took place, and Tecmo did not issue an unjustified notice of dismissal to the former employee." The company insists that the female employee left of her own volition following an internal investigation.

secret3942d ago

He didn't say half-assed. What he really (really) meant to say was "half-life 2." lol

TriggerHappy3946d ago

He is a good developer but the only thing that makes him fall short is down playing other developers games.Not cool.

secret3942d ago

That's because they probably downplayed him once or twice in the past -- first.

ReconHope3946d ago

at least he talks trash and makes good games so he has what it takes to criticize others.

Bathyj3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

Yeah, he's made one good game, three times. Everything else he's done in the last 10 years has ranged from ok to crap.

He needs to pull his ugly pitted head it.

Oh, and I take it he hasn't played God of War. I like Gaiden but GoW sh*ts on it from a great height.

Hatchetforce3946d ago

Other than Ninja Gaiden, what has he done? Don't say the DOA series. The guy keeps taking his one card and reskinning it.

By his deductive method of reasoning (not that he is reasonable) then God of War is also trash. Idiot one hit wonder.

Smell that? Smells like fear because he is afraid a better combat system than NG just came along.

It's dark outside, take the damn glasses off you misogynistic matrix wannabe.

WilliamRLBaker3944d ago

God of war is trash...its a button mashing mess thats crap and has really bad continiuty problems....I beat the damn game on Spartan within 7 hours.

secret3942d ago


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THC CELL3946d ago

he needs a smack

this game will beat any game he brings out

FordGTGuy3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

Heavenly Sword is going to be anywhere as good as Ninja Gaiden 2.


I'm not saying anything bad about Heavenly Sword its just that Ninja Gaiden 2 is going to be a BAMF.

ReconHope3946d ago

prove itself...they can both be great games...why do people always have to compare.

Hatchetforce3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

FordGT, you know NG2 will be better because you have played a demo, right? No? Well at least you have seen it right? I mean it would be stupid to make a claim like that about a game you haven't seen, right? So where is the trailer with actual gameplay. We all want to see what you have seen.

Oh, I found it. Yeah, impressive:

BTW, other developers need acolytes too so if you aren't busy...

Skizelli3945d ago

"why do people always have to compare."

It's called small d!ck syndrome.

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