DOA X2 Sexy Promotion Video

Hot Japanese models, Kana Tsugihara and Natsuki Yoshihara, promoting DOA Xtreme 2.

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ReconHope3974d ago

whatever they're selling im sold! lol

DiLeCtioN3974d ago

hmm this is my japanese...Getsuga Tenshou!! (Bleach)

ajkula3974d ago

what was that video about already?!

Tabasco3974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

^^^^ beat me to it.

Vip3r3974d ago

Who cares? It involves hot asian chick and that's all that matters to me. :)

aquaviva713974d ago

If you buy a XBOX360 your going to end up fixing it, but first you have to contact Microsoft support for directions how to get it fixed.

Sayai jin3974d ago

Good one. I have an original launch 360 and mine works flawlessly (well excpet for the chansaw sounds coming from under the hood, LOL). I brought a PS3 for a friend's son back in May. The child ended up wanting a Wii (huh), so I kept it for myself. A few weeks ago I was playing R:FOM and I heard a POP sound. BAM, there went the power supply, how dissapointing :(

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The story is too old to be commented.