Kinect Survey: 75% Of NowGamer Readers Won't Buy

NowGamer: Kinect's measure of appeal was partially revealed today in a 100 person NowGamer ad-hoc survey.

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jimmins2889d ago

I think 25% is a pretty good amount; that's 10m 360 owners. More than enough.

strickers2889d ago

Same as PS2 Eyetoy.They'd be happy with that(I think It was 10.5 million for Eyetoy).PS2 had a much larger install base.

siyrobbo2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

i read somewhere that eyetoy sold 4 million, which i thought was pretty good considering what it was

PaulLFC2888d ago

I had an Eyetoy, it was cool for the time, just like some stuff about Kinect looks quite good now. But the difference was, I think Eyetoy's price was around £40 or the cost of one standard game - Kinect is £130, far more expensive and I just can't justify spending that much when they haven't shown any games that interest me yet. Dance Central is the only game they've shown that looks like it's truly taking advantage of Kinect, isn't tacked on and isn't a minigame collection or shovelware.

ManGastaS2888d ago

I will buy 2, one for me and 1 for my cousin

otherZinc2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

And has no idea what business is. "75% of 360 owners wont buy Kinect": YOU IDIOTS AT NOW GAMER! This means, 25% of "EXISTING 360 OWNERS" will buy connect:

*That's 10,250,000 potential day 1 buyers!*

As a result of that, that's exceeding expected sales of 3million this holiday season.

This isn't counting "NEW" sales from non 360 owners.

You know, people are so set on creating bad internet press by bashing Kinect on this site its ridiculous.

Moentjers2889d ago

And don't count double (multiple) console owners.

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Blaze9292888d ago

"A NowGamer survey, conducted this morning among 100 Xbox 360 owners via Twitter"

really?....via Twitter?....and among 100 360 owners? and this classifies the entire userbase for 75%? epic fail

Omega42889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

So thats 10ml Kinects if you are going to generalize and thats not even including the new 360 owners which would will likely be the bulk of the purchases.

Edit: Actually when you look at it this way not many current 360 even need to buy it for it to succeed. 1ml is more than enough for this year and the rest will likely be new owners, about 2ml. So it could easily sell 3ml this year.

jimmins2889d ago

I totally agree. It's an interesting figure, but higher than I thought it would be. I call it a success.

Gun_Senshi2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

He cares about sales too much to be a gamer.

Edit: lol at troll below. I'm a PC Gamer you retard

Johnny_Bravo2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

You care to much about defending Sony to be a gamer.

PC gamer that post this stupid crap?

PS3 Can do these overlooked features
Cure Cancers
Catch Pedophiles
Works with Any USB Keyboard
Works with Any USB Mouse
Works with any Mic
Works with any USB Webcam
Has a dictionary
Can use Instant Messaging form MSN to Yahoo
30 Hours of gaming use battery life on DS3 #12

Cure Cancers...really, and your not a PS3 fanboy? lol if you say so.

RememberThe3572889d ago

JB shut down! Tag'im and bag'im, he's done.

Motorola2889d ago

No one mentioned PS3, you fanboy, leave it to you to try start a flame war...

kneon2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )


I believe they are referring to "Folding at Home"

So while a PS3 hasn't cured cancer yet, it just might. The PS3 can be set to run this code when it's idle and could possibly contribute to a cure for cancer.

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mrv3212889d ago

Let's say I'm a publisher I want to make a game so I go off and find a developer and one of the employees asks should we make it for Natal. So I do the math

If I make it NOT support Natal I have a market of 40 million
If I make it support Natal and a controller I have a market of 40 million but then what's the real point of having Natal if the games add minor features because they can't add major features because that'd make the game unbalanced especially for multiplayer
If I make it support Natal I have a market of according to 3 million. and THE ONLY benefit it the fact I won't be competing against other games like Halo, Black Ops or Gears 3.

So... which would you choose? 40 million, 40 million but with barely any Natal support or 3 million.

And let's not all forget the simple fact of the matter that developers KNOW the controller, they do not know Natal so you can expect a longer development time, higher costs and extra training to make a good one. PLUS without Natal support I could easily make a PS3 and and PC port which makes it 100 million.

I choose the NO Natal support and have the largest piece of the cake which is 100 million, so you choose 100 million possible buyer or 3 million.


Are you deaf and blind? why are you still defending MS's stupid mistake? if you take a quick look at any gaming forum on any gaming site you'll see that many many gamers are outraged at the way MS have priced Kinect.


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Hyrius2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

"A NowGamer survey, conducted this morning among 100 Xbox 360 owners via Twitter"

Only 100 people ?

@ jimmins : It's cool to make this kind of survey but I don't think that 100 people enough.

jimmins2889d ago

Is enough for rule of thumb.

Games4M - Rob2889d ago

A hundred is enough for Family Fortunes but not really any proper study.

Awookie2889d ago

Family Fortunes? Sounds like a weird Euro version of Family Fued.

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