John Carmack talks Doom 4, DX10, Rage, Quake Zero & More

QuakeCon's big event is Friday night – John Carmack's keynote speech. GameInformer had the opportunity to catch up with things since the CES interview and get the important details about id Tech 5. Will it work with DX10? Wii? What is Rage? What's going on with Doom 4? What the heck is Quake Zero? Carmack spills the beans on the next Quake Arena project and a whole lot more in this extensive QuakeCon interview!

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HeavyweightInTheGame3974d ago

It looks like Doom 4 has just been officially confirmed. Too bad it'll probably have a release date of something like 2010.

tehcellownu3974d ago

john carmack jus dont want to go bck on his words since it will make him like stupid..

Retro-Virus3974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

Great read. Interesting tit-bits about how much difficulty they're having with the memory limitations on the PS-3 and when John Carmack says so, we must concur.

ShiftyLookingCow3974d ago

great read indeed. And yeah John Carmack says so, we must concur. Hes the man


too bad that memory problem isnt as much a problem as this idiot thinks, the ps3 isnt dependent on memory, its all about teraflops and floating point, that is why ps3 is supercomputer, and thats why its able to make realtime movies, and that theory of memory will continue to be shattered even past killzone, rsx memory doesnt equal rsxs performance, the thing was made to synthesize hollywood movie graphics, that still wont be realised for a while, this rsx even is nowhere near maxed out, this carmack wants to get pc and 180 fans excited, for nothing, but good try

xfrgtr3974d ago

He is saying almost the exact opposite of so many other developers on the PS3

JCDenton3974d ago

Are you a good programmer? Are you a programmer at all, so you can say (stupid) things like this? You call him an idiot, and he is one of the legends in computer programming, one of the best out there since the original Doom in 1993.

"the ps3 isnt dependent on memory, its all about teraflops and floating point..." - You obviously don't have clue what you're talking about, and you call him an idiot... Really sad.

bootsielon3974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

...I'll believe"

That's ridiculous. John Carmack is not infallible, that's why Unreal Engine and Crysis are dominating.

I find it funny that some Xbox fanboys are already ejaculating with thoughts of PS3 having memory limitations. You know, every console has its pros and its cons, that's something you need to fit through your thick skulls, fanboys.

Stop being so domesticable and learn to make your own opinions. One question though, are you just gonna pick tidbits of information selectively and convenietly, or are you gonna take this one bit as blindly as you took the other one?

"....we’d rather develop on the Xbox 360. The PS3 still does have in theory more power that could be extracted..." John Carmack

Retro-Virus3974d ago

Yes, we'd believe a genius like John rather than take the word of someone on a forum.

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MK_Red3974d ago

I hope for Doom 4 they leave Doom 3 and go back to the roots and make it a next-gen game with story and elements like Doom 2 (My fave FPS ever!).

BranWheatKillah3974d ago

I respect Carmack as a developer and I am not going to jump in here saying I know more than him about how a system uses its memory and such, cause I don't, but I can't believe anything he is saying about the supposed "limitations" that he is finding on the PS3. Yes, we know it is a difficult system to develop for. Unlike the 360 which has a very PC friendly style of development, the PS3 is definitely something new and challenging.

He is saying almost the exact opposite of so many other developers though, which is what makes me questions how he is approaching the system. It is possible that being a PC developer he isn't seeing the system in the same light as everyone else, but that is just speculation on my part.

egyptian_diarrhea3974d ago

carmack does seem a little bias toward xbox360, maybe uncle bill had $ome infl$u$en$c$e(money) in there... but i want you to know carmack i love you no matter what ****

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