Move will be the saviour of RTS games (on console)

Play-mag says: "PlayStation Move is being called a lot of things, but one thing only a few people seem to have noticed is that it could well give RTS games on console a new lease of life. I'm one of those few people."

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patterson2833d ago

True. RTS is one of those genres that haven't translated well from the PC world to consoles because of the controller. Move will make that experience much better.

T9X692833d ago

RTS games are about the only games I can stand playing on PC, but I would still rather have a controller over any type of motion support.

sikbeta2833d ago

True, It might not be at the same level of the PC, but at least it's a HUGE Step, any RTS game will work great with Move, something that can be said about controllers...

Newtype2833d ago

It's basically a mouse.

ChronoJoe2833d ago

/w a lot less accuracy considering the stability provided by the flat surface a mouse is able to slide across.

It's still not gonna be usable at the same level of efficiency as a mouse, and micromanagement is still going to be problematic outside of simplified games. The tech demos Sony have shown so far, they aimed with the move (on Socom 4) worse than anyone would with a controller.

schlanz2833d ago

I've heard that people actually prefer using the Move controller for Socom once you get used to it.

Also I saw a tech demo for an RTS game with Move, and the guy made it look incredibly accurate and efficient. Selecting units appears to be much more intuitive with the move and pressure-sensitive buttons, especially when selecting multiple units that don't fit snugly in a box.

ChronoJoe2833d ago

Learning curve?

you think the people, doing the stage demos - wouldn't have been given the time required to surpass, any reasonable learning curve?

You're absolutely insane if you think the entire arm can replicate the intricate movement capable with a stabilised hand alone. I mean, the Wii has the same functionality. Sorry to burst your bubble but the Wii is 1:1 with Wii motion plus, and guess what - isn't fantasitcally accurate.

Admitadly it gets more accurate depending on where you rest your arm. If it's just your wrist and hand defining the movement then you get greater levels of accuracy, and in contrast again being closer to the receiver will also provide lesser sensitivity and thereby greater accuracy - but at the same time this reduces realistic response time to on screen objects to levels below that one would be able to respond to with a controller, let alone with a mouse.

I'm not a PC fanboy, or Wii fanboy. The only console I play is a PS3, but they're trying to mask this up as if it's somehow better for the hardcore gamer - and it's just not. It is however amusing to observe how easy the consumer is manipulated, especially as most now interested with the PS3 Move are those that would have a few months ago put the Wii's input method down.

Ju2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

We will see. I think it will work better than a mouse. Simply because it will always position absolute. If you move your arm to the right edge, the cursor will be at the right edge. No need to "re-calibrate" like with the mouse (e.g. when scrolling - that actually pisses me of with the mouse. You'd have to move it back and forth if you want to get from one edge to the other...).

But for RTS it's not the mouse which makes the difference - unless most of the action can be controlled by a mouse. It's the short cuts; usually put on keys. You have unlimited keys on a keypad while those are still limited on a controller.

I'm not a pro player, I can hardly memorize those short cuts. If they pack the commands in a context sensitive environment and accessibly for the cursor, it should work. Ruse is just one game which will support it, I hope they'll come up with more and we will find out.

(BTW: Joe, the article is about RTS not shooters).

Letros2833d ago

Try WASD for camera movement(or middle mouse drag), its much better than edge scrolling.

TrevorPhillips2833d ago

That'll be some hecktic pooop :D

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Apollyn2833d ago

I'm trying too vision it but I just can't see it. I can see move improving it a little but calling it a Savior I'm going too have too disagree for now.
Full mouse keyboard console intergration please

skatezero2462833d ago

I thought keyboards are compatible with the ps3 ... I know the mouse isn't but I'm pretty sure you can connect a keyboard to the ps3 hell the ps2 could do it I used one playing FFXI

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