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Submitted by ianos 1960d ago | opinion piece

Move will be the saviour of RTS games (on console)

Play-mag says: "PlayStation Move is being called a lot of things, but one thing only a few people seem to have noticed is that it could well give RTS games on console a new lease of life. I'm one of those few people." (Playstation Move, PS3, R.U.S.E.)

patterson  +   1960d ago
True. RTS is one of those genres that haven't translated well from the PC world to consoles because of the controller. Move will make that experience much better.
T9X69  +   1960d ago
RTS games are about the only games I can stand playing on PC, but I would still rather have a controller over any type of motion support.
sikbeta  +   1959d ago
True, It might not be at the same level of the PC, but at least it's a HUGE Step, any RTS game will work great with Move, something that can be said about controllers...
Newtype  +   1960d ago
It's basically a mouse.
ChronoJoe  +   1960d ago
/w a lot less accuracy considering the stability provided by the flat surface a mouse is able to slide across.

It's still not gonna be usable at the same level of efficiency as a mouse, and micromanagement is still going to be problematic outside of simplified games. The tech demos Sony have shown so far, they aimed with the move (on Socom 4) worse than anyone would with a controller.
schlanz  +   1959d ago
ever hear of a learning curve
I've heard that people actually prefer using the Move controller for Socom once you get used to it.

Also I saw a tech demo for an RTS game with Move, and the guy made it look incredibly accurate and efficient. Selecting units appears to be much more intuitive with the move and pressure-sensitive buttons, especially when selecting multiple units that don't fit snugly in a box.
ChronoJoe  +   1959d ago
Learning curve?

you think the people, doing the stage demos - wouldn't have been given the time required to surpass, any reasonable learning curve?

You're absolutely insane if you think the entire arm can replicate the intricate movement capable with a stabilised hand alone. I mean, the Wii has the same functionality. Sorry to burst your bubble but the Wii is 1:1 with Wii motion plus, and guess what - isn't fantasitcally accurate.

Admitadly it gets more accurate depending on where you rest your arm. If it's just your wrist and hand defining the movement then you get greater levels of accuracy, and in contrast again being closer to the receiver will also provide lesser sensitivity and thereby greater accuracy - but at the same time this reduces realistic response time to on screen objects to levels below that one would be able to respond to with a controller, let alone with a mouse.

I'm not a PC fanboy, or Wii fanboy. The only console I play is a PS3, but they're trying to mask this up as if it's somehow better for the hardcore gamer - and it's just not. It is however amusing to observe how easy the consumer is manipulated, especially as most now interested with the PS3 Move are those that would have a few months ago put the Wii's input method down.
Ju  +   1960d ago
We will see. I think it will work better than a mouse. Simply because it will always position absolute. If you move your arm to the right edge, the cursor will be at the right edge. No need to "re-calibrate" like with the mouse (e.g. when scrolling - that actually pisses me of with the mouse. You'd have to move it back and forth if you want to get from one edge to the other...).

But for RTS it's not the mouse which makes the difference - unless most of the action can be controlled by a mouse. It's the short cuts; usually put on keys. You have unlimited keys on a keypad while those are still limited on a controller.

I'm not a pro player, I can hardly memorize those short cuts. If they pack the commands in a context sensitive environment and accessibly for the cursor, it should work. Ruse is just one game which will support it, I hope they'll come up with more and we will find out.

(BTW: Joe, the article is about RTS not shooters).
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Letros  +   1959d ago
Try WASD for camera movement(or middle mouse drag), its much better than edge scrolling.
TrevorPhillips  +   1960d ago
That'll be some hecktic pooop :D
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Apollyn  +   1960d ago
I'm trying too vision it but I just can't see it. I can see move improving it a little but calling it a Savior I'm going too have too disagree for now.
Full mouse keyboard console intergration please
skatezero246  +   1959d ago
I thought keyboards are compatible with the ps3 ... I know the mouse isn't but I'm pretty sure you can connect a keyboard to the ps3 hell the ps2 could do it I used one playing FFXI
OneSneakyMofo  +   1960d ago
I had hoped the Wii would bring the RTS genre to the consoles, but it did not so I don't expect Move to. Imagine ActiBlizz doing a Starcraft 2 port on PS3. I wonder if people would buy it.
Apollyn  +   1960d ago
I'd buy it just too compare it to the PC version
Ju  +   1959d ago
Yeah, but a Wii has SD resolution. That combined with the relative imprecise Wiimote kills RTS on the Wii. RTS need two things: hi-res to get a lot of "troops" on screen and exact controls. I would hope, EA would patch CC. Civilizations could get an update.

There were a couple of attempts on the Wii. But no real RTS, AFAIK.
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bjornbear  +   1959d ago
i've said it 10000 times before!
if Total War comes out on PS3 (Sega - remember they love multi-platting) and works well with move, I'm buying it just for that.
MostJadedGamer  +   1959d ago
The Wii was doomed from the start because of outdated, crappy hardware, and also because RTS does NOT appeal to the kiddy, casual demographic of Nintendo consoles.

You must have been pretty naive if you ever thought the Wii would do anything for RTS games at all. RTS games simply have to much going for the crappy Wii hardware to be able handle it, and on top of that the casual, kiddy demographics of Nintendo consoles insured developers weren't even bother trying anyway.

Unlike the Wii the PS3 actually is powerful enough to handle RTS games, AND has hardcore gamers who would be interested. So Move probably means more RTS games coming to the PS3.
Letros  +   1960d ago
It will work a lot better than a controller that's for sure.
jneul  +   1960d ago
ps move will be the saviour for motion control devices, it's like using a 3d mouse!!
Fishy Fingers  +   1960d ago
Well if devs were that bothered they could include k/b and mouse support. Of course Move will be quicker and probably easier than a pad, but savour is a little much.
Why o why  +   1960d ago
mouse n keys is already a potential saviour. I believe it may have to be a sony studio that pushes mouse n keys as the only 3rd party dev to use it was Epic with unreal tournament. Its definitely an underused and underrated feature. Maybe Move will help kickstart the movement

@deadlybrand below

im not sure and have not seen any evidence to suggest an rts using kinect would be more viable than the 360's pad tbh
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Ju  +   1959d ago
Mouse/KB never took of because it's hard to use from a couch. I guess the number of people who would have used it wouldn't have justified the costs (which I actually don't believe). Or it is a "recommendation" from Sony not to use it.
raztad  +   1959d ago

You are absolutely right. I dont see myself using a Kb/M, that mean sitting in a desk. I'd better play the game on PC then.

I have hopes for MOVE as a good interface for RTS.
Raider69  +   1960d ago
Move and Kinect both will give more advantage to play RTS on consoles wend compared to normal controllers (Pad)!But gesture recognition of Kinect could have an even more advantage!Just point your finger an .... the only problem coud be the lag, especially on the Kinect side thats seems to have an higher input lag compared to move!Will have to wait an see.
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patterson  +   1960d ago
Nah, Kinectic would be worse. You'll still need to address button presses to issue orders and such. Doing the YMCA dance is not acceptable. And if they elect to substitute button presses with voice recognition, you risk having it misunderstand you and with RTS games, every second counts so that can't be afforded.
Gun_Senshi  +   1960d ago
Mouse and Keyboard on PS3
tdrules  +   1960d ago
Just because for FOUR years that its been supported and around 2 developers have EVER supported it, doesn't mean that no rts developer would ever consider launching a game that requires KB/M support on a console
tdrules  +   1960d ago
would any console ownes actually play RTS?
You know you can play RTS on any computer from the last decade, and I very much doubt you would avoid playing them.
And RTS isn't about mouse movement, which I agree the Move is very good at, it's about APM, and there is no way in hell the Move could reach this amount of APM

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the-show-stopper  +   1959d ago
i would love to play a rts on my ps3
thats y i want RUSE and endwar 2
tdrules  +   1959d ago
wouldn't you want a GOOD RTS?
dorron  +   1960d ago
Yeah, RTS in consoles is a bad experience because of controller. Move can solve this issue.
RockmanII7  +   1960d ago
I doubt Sony will make any first party RTS games so any RTS games will likely go to Move and Kinect.

Edit - watched TDrules video, their really is no point bringing RTS games to consoles.
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ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1959d ago
There is coming an exclusive RTS for PS3 using Move.

Under Siege is the game.
Nihilism  +   1960d ago
I don't see why developers would all of a suddern make RTS games on console's that require move, when they have not even made use of a the PS3's mouse and keyboard support...

If console gamers weren't so attached to their imprecise controllers then games like diablo 3 and starcraft 2 would also come to consoles.

For fighting and racing games...I wouldn't even dream of using a keyboard and mouse...for RTS I wouldn't even consider using anything but a keyboard and mouse.

Hotkeys matter how accurate they claim move to be it will never replace a mouse for accuracy and it will never replace a keyboard for ease of use or customisability. The whole RTS/move thing sounds pretty stupid to me...
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Letros  +   1960d ago
I just don't see the console audience embracing RTS like PC players have since their introduction over 15 years ago.

Something like Dawn of War 2 would never work on consoles motion control or not, because the number of hotkeys required are just not possible without a keyboard. Anyone playing an RTS and clicking the UI has already failed.
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labaronx  +   1959d ago
i agree as well... it's actually sad when you think about it.....
while i agree "MOVE" could provide significantly more precision than a controller could for the stable handed (may improve my hand coordination, i wanna be a sports surgeon.....

i never understood the objection developers had for adding m/kb support to that platform, outside a significant difference in reviews between ps3/360
bjornbear  +   1959d ago
well, if it worked well
I for one would. Hotkeys are important yes, and the game would need shortcuts for some situations, but considering the number of buttons Move has, it isn't impossible.

I would instantly buy move if a Total War game came out AND worked well (remember you can pause battles (and sometimes you need to -_-)) so its not impossible!

and it would be good, another genre of games to choose from! =D (not that PS3 doesn't have RTS games but:

RTS + dualshock3 = FAIL
jack_burt0n  +   1959d ago
dawn of war 2 COH pls then my gaming rig will get no use whatsoever and after all the DRM crap thats a good thing unfortunately.
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evrfighter  +   1959d ago
doesn't really show much at all....
emk2004  +   1959d ago
the main reason why realy hardcore rts players wont you a controller is lack of buttons you guys should watch them korean players they micro like crazy move wont offer enough buttons to really compare to the keyboard. i probably us about 5 group units which are 12345 buttons so i can fastly select my troops on wc3 not including hotkeys for skills and troops construction ect. move will be accurate but it will never compare to mouse accuracy my mouse has 1000dpi
(dots per inch) which move cant compare to and there are mouses that go up to 5000dpi. but the keyboard is really the key to rts success. i think that more rts should come to consoles with mouse/keyboard controls and it will be successful.
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Spenok  +   1959d ago
The tech demo's ive seen for Move with RTS' does look promising. Ill have to try it for myself and see how it actually works.
MostJadedGamer  +   1959d ago
I will be buying R.U.S.E. for the PS3, but in order for me to even consider shelling out a $120 for MOVE I will first have to not be satisifed with the regular controller, and second will have to think R.U.S.E. is a high qaulity enough game to justify spending a $120 on Move.

Ubisoft thinks the PS3/360 controllers will surprise a lot of people in how well they work with R.U.S.E. So right now I am just planning on using the regular PS3 controller.
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A LIVING LEGEND  +   1959d ago
I would take a Warsong remake with......Move.
*retracts on past stance,somewhat,and lives for the day* -waits for incoming verbal assault
Secretly knows the inner workings of comment history :)

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