Heavenly Sword - 12-15 hours gameplay mayhem, No special edition planned, plenty of replayability

Ninja theory developer working on the upcoming playstation 3 exclusive title , Heavenly sword have confirmed that, Heavenly Sword will clock in around 12-15 hours of gameplay mayhem.

He confirmed this via the official forums:

12-15 hours sounds about right for a gamer well versed with fighting games. That's just for a first playthrough - there's also plenty of scope for replayability - especially with the stacks of unlockable content that's been stuffed onto the Blu-Ray.

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TriggerHappy3878d ago

Man 12 - 15hrs is not bad at all, and plenty of replayability.

BLUR1113877d ago

yea 12-15 hrs is not bad it look awesome . and gears was short but it had a good story and was really good

cr33ping_death3877d ago

@ BLUR....GEARS had a good story? did i miss something. i have beaten the crap out of that game and still dont see a story. the online portion is what keeps me playing it. but a good story i dont think so buddy.

JOLLY13877d ago

I thought 12-15 hours was ridiculous! Gears was 12-15 and that was way too short for next gen. Now that a sony game is 12-15 is isn't so bad? Thank God Sony has blu-ray.

IPlayGames3877d ago

here we go sony come out with a new game and it how does it match up to gears.

Took me 7hrs to beat gears and it was the 1st xbox game i ever played all the way through.

Find a new game to compare with.

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GoLeafsGo3878d ago

I know I'll make this last a lot longer by playing with style ^_^!

By the way, what's the typical length for an action game anyway?
The only thing I recall is RPG games being 40+ games -_________-'!

techie3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Prince of Persia:SOT - 10-12hours
POP: WW - 13-15hours
POP:TTT - 10-12hours
GOW1 - 10-12hours
GOW2 - 12-15hours
Resistance Single Player - 10-12hours
GearsOW - 8-10hours
Tomb Raider Legend - 10-12hours
Tomb Raider Anniversary 12-14hours

Many of these don't have replyability. :) HS with it's complex fighting system, and ability to open up any level to replay with new moves gained by playing it through - will have A LOT of replayability.

ironwolf3878d ago

Not very long ago, the Sony boys were crowing that Gears of War was only 10 or 11 or 12 (whatever it was, I never played it) hours and a complete rip off. They're vaunted Blu-Ray would give them days worth of play. Yeah, right. Now 12 hours is wunderbar.

Keep track of the posts here. Sooner or later they'll always contradict themselves. Always.

LeShin3878d ago

I can't believe your comparing a beat em up to a shooter! They were talking about a shooter, when Killzone 2 comes out, then you can voice your opinion on whether Sony are being hypocrites.

GoLeafsGo3878d ago

I think people said 8 hours for Gears, though I'm almost certain I'm mistaken.

Anyway, I ask again, how long is the typical action game?
IIRC, Devil May Cry 3 was about 18 hours (and that's when I had no idea what to do, because all the text except weaponry was in Japanese!).

bootsielon3877d ago

On the hardest difficulty. Just shut it.

tehcellownu3877d ago

wtf i played gears and its not 12 hours more like 8 or hours or less..Heavenely sword is goin to kick as for sho.

aiphanes3877d ago

They ran out of disc what do you expect? Also the gears textures look all the same..

Even the online is only 8 players total...compared to 32 players total in warhawk...with no lag...

Now gears of war on the PC is going to be tight!

Unreal 3 will be the bomb...

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kingjkv3878d ago

Does anybody know the answer to the question 3 on the posting tests. ABout Genji interview and the other interview. I always get a score of 10/12.

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