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Why Final Fantasy 13 Isn’t a Final Fantasy Game

This isn’t a Final Fantasy game, but no one has really been able to explain why. Lots of people don’t like it, so much more than any entity before, and it’s been chalked up to the overwhelming number of drastic changes, bu that’s not it. It’s that the core of the game changed. To the point that it just isn’t even recognizable. (Final Fantasy XIII, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Redempteur  +   1834d ago
every ff changed ..ff13 was no exception ..
no matter was some say it's still a great game

"it makes every character the same."
no if yoou played youd realise that some characters are better suited for some tasks than others

een with sentinel maxed lv 5 , hope won't be as good as snow or fang at the same level .it's easy to understand that by playing ..besides there are faqs explaining this as well
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ClownBelt  +   1834d ago
Yap. I agree.
facelike  +   1834d ago
I can't wait for the follow up article called "Why FFXIV is really a Final Fantasy Game."
Kamikaze135  +   1834d ago
We all know it's coming.
caladbolg777  +   1834d ago
"no matter was some say it's still a great game"
You spout this like it's a fact. When it isn't. You can plug your fingers in your eyes, cry "lalalalalala" and try to pass off your opinion as fact, but that won't make it the truth. It's an opinion. And it's an opinion that I do not share with you. IMO, FF13 was a mediocre game and a very poor Final Fantasy, maybe... just maybe the worst Final Fantasy to date.

That's my opinion. I know not everyone feels this way, but I know for a FACT that many people do feel the same way that I do.
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RedPawn  +   1834d ago
I give Final Fantasy 3 that nod.
USEYOURFIST  +   1834d ago
i feel that its is an average adventure rpg but as a final fantasy game it is awful, it seems to have lost its soul and dont get me started on them making 14 online after saying they would never make another numbered game online mmo but call it something differnt.
Kamikaze135  +   1834d ago
Heh, yeah, but FFXIV is a major game so I can't blame them. The graphics look amazing for an MMO and it looks like it would be a lot of fun to play. Then again, this is Square Enix we're talking about; their word is NEVER solid. Whenever they say they won't do something, we can expect them to pretend they never said that.
caladbolg777  +   1834d ago
You mean FF3, as in, the one they remade for the DS? Or FF3 as in FF6?

My guess is that you mean the Japanese FF3 that was remade for the DS here in the States (instead of the SNES Final Fantasy III aka Final Fantasy VI is universally renowned as one of the best FFs, and subsequently best RPGS, of all time). In which case, I can see your point. Although, personally, I enjoyed the time I spent playing FF3-DS more than I did playing FF13.
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Redempteur  +   1833d ago
tsk tsk ..

-ff13 is a challenging game ( chapter 13 and all the rank A mission are not a walk in a park )
-beautifull ( on the console that matters )
-quite long to complete ..

it doesn't have design flaws for a rpg ..it just doesn't look like a ff game .

Whan the horde of haters will finally die ( because it's cool to hate ) you'll find people like me who enjoyed ff13 not expecting a ff , but expecting a good rpg ... just like all those who were crying their hate of ff12 because it looked like ff11 too much

they gave you a full open world to explore ( ff12) you guys cried , they gave you a streamlined experience up to chapter 11 , you guys cried .. take off your nostalgia googles off ff7 or ff8 because you were spoiled with it .

SURE ff13 could have been better i dislike some characters and the wya they were hadled in the story.
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Kamikaze135  +   1834d ago
I agree, but...
Even though Final Fantasy games changed, they always retained a few things that made them Final Fantasy games; exploration, moogles, towns (lol), airships (at least all of the ones I played), tons of interactions, variety of side missions (the only side missions in FFXIII were fighting monsters), and they usually had good endings. The ending for FFXIII was "eh" to me. I feel like it ended at the climax of the ending. They better release a sequel that continues the story and fixes the mistakes FFXIII had.
Redempteur  +   1833d ago
spoilers ***

oh but that was a good ending

all of them go against their fates .. and succeeded.
cocoon is freed from the influence of the fal'cie . everyone except vanille and fang lives ( in the main cast ). as for vanille and fang , as soul mates they stay together as crystal untill some other event wakes them up ...

All of them escaped certain death and they did it by preventing the fall of cocoon and the death of everyone inside ..
sorry that's a good ending .
i admit it happened too fast but that was a classic "good ending" ..if only the music was better ...
DA_SHREDDER  +   1834d ago
your entitled to your opinion. But regardless, FF13 was not only a shitty Final Fantasy, but it was a horrible rpg overall. FF on the NES offered more depth and adventure. Im good on this series if this is all they can offer anymore.
sikbeta  +   1833d ago
FF13 is a Final Fantasy game, it's just SE that f*cked up the game by cutting loads of content and make it so linear, but it's a FF game anyway...
GenoZStriker  +   1834d ago
Halo Wars was not a Halo game. Mario Party is not a mario game. Sonic Riders is not a sonic game. This article is not an article. This is another pathetic article written by a wannabe gaming journalist telling us what we should believe.
Spenok  +   1833d ago
Very well said. Lol this is just another reason not to go to this site.
BlackBusterCritic  +   1834d ago
Bottom-line, FF13 is SHIT
The entire face of the game was warped to appeal to frag-heads. It's nowhere as good as ANY of the previous Final Fantasy games. Hell, it didnt even score higher than FINAL FANTASY X-2!! WHICH WAS A SPIN-OFF!! The gameplay was way too simplistic and automated, and as far as content, its lacking greatly. There is 0 variety in the game. Everyone will end up with the same characters and everyone will defeat the bosses the same way. Hell, compare FF13 to FF10 & 12. FF10 kills 13 with only two words: BLITZ BALL. You could easily spend 200+ hours playing FF10 & 12 because of all the content the game offered. Omega Ruins, secret Aeons, Blitz Ball, ultimate weapons for each character, customizable weapons, customizable Aeons, customizable characters+SPHERE GRID, (that was all FF10, now for 12)amazing monster hunts(marks), customizable characters, secret marks, secret summons, amazingly vast world and exploration, secret bosses, great battle system, secret weapons, bazaar items, VIERA, and so much more. FF13 is by far the WORST FF game to exist.
Apotheosize  +   1834d ago
you said it bbc.

What was wrong with sidequests? (one dimensional monster hunts do not count)
What was wrong with an open world?
What was wrong with npcs?
What was wrong with in-depth customization, you know RPG ELEMENTS?

What was wrong with SE when they made this game?
BlackBusterCritic  +   1834d ago
Those were more complaints I had. NPCs? Towns? Non existent FOR NO REASON. Square Enix has COMPLETELY FAILED this generation. I would consider them to be worse than Rare. Square Enix's best games have all been on portable consoles, this generation.
Apotheosize  +   1834d ago
I still have mild hope for Versus, they've confirmed some things like airships, open world, seamless battles, mature setting etc..if they dont deliver well I'll be very disappointed...
whatis  +   1834d ago
Towns weren't excluded for "no reason". It was because HD towns are too much work!

So just give SE a break why don't you!?


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ThanatosDMC  +   1834d ago
I wish they'd put unique mini-games like Blitz Ball and Tetra Master Card (FF8) on all future FF titles. FF9's card game sucked.
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ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1834d ago
FF Versus XIII Is the real Next Gen Final Fantasy.

There will be exploration, so I assume there will be NPC's with along of other Features.

Besides it will use the best performance of the PS3.

Nomura is the Chief of this Final Fantasy.
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ranmafandude  +   1834d ago
you are so right. i felt they dumbed the game down for people that don't like jrpgs or rpgs period after a few hours into the game. it was a fucking straight line for god's sake lol.i'm surprised i even finished this game lol.i think it was because the trophies were so easy to get lol.when i completed it i didn't connect to the characters or the story at all. it felt like playing a first person shooter's campaign which you usually don't care about the characters at all with few exceptions(half-life, etc.)
willie6289  +   1833d ago
that has been the story for square this whole generation. trying to get the xbox crowd. they have done everything they can to appeal to the as you put "frag-heads".

I agree that 10 was good, I personally didn't like 12, didn't like the battle system. I am more for the old school battle system. 12, and even worse so, 13 just don't do anything for me.

If Square would get over their hard-on for the xbox and release an old fashion RPG, don't care if it is multi or not, just not aimed at the frag heads, I think we could finally get a good RPG from them.
CrzyFooL  +   1834d ago
Lost Odyssey was the actual FF13!!
FunAndGun  +   1834d ago
After hitting X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X....for the first 5 hours, I stopped.
ThanatosDMC  +   1834d ago
You're not alone on that one. Well among the other things that turned me off.
pustulio  +   1834d ago
Yu jin xiang

After that son of a bitch i stopped.

Even tho the little i played i liked it but i think it's just me.
Raypture  +   1834d ago
Now just because you didn't like a game in a series (let me mention before anyone gets upset and needs to go to the e-psychiatrist due to e-tears these are peoples OPINIONS.) doesn't mean it's not part of the series, love it or hate it it is a final fantasy game.

I do have to disagree though and say the AI is pretty bad, lets not heal the party leader whos about to die and raise the other guy instead. You argue everyone beats them the same way but thats the same for a lot of games, pro tip man, don't read walkthroughs and play it yourself.

also induringmicrosoftsuxandruintff 13cussquarearehungryformoneyetc
ProjectSiK  +   1834d ago
I love how you can tell which people actually played previous FF installments and which have not based on these articles/comments.
thelifatree  +   1834d ago
Are you implying,
that is not possible, to like 13. If you've played the other ones. That's absurd, because I for one have played all of them, beaten 4-13. And loved 13. If you are implying something else then I am mistaken about what you are implying. For one, have you played the other ones? what is palumpolum a reference to?
Now I'm not here to say whether it was a crappy game or not. Because you have your opinion. And that's fine.
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Legendary-Status  +   1834d ago
just bring the real FF that everybody know's.. witch that being FFVS13.. I can't wait for that...
ThanatosDMC  +   1834d ago
It's not gonna be "real" FF... it's going to be FF x KH. If they can perfect it, it'll be one hell of a game.
willie6289  +   1833d ago
in my opinion, to be a REAL ff game, it has to be turn based, and the player must have complete control of all characters. You know, like all FF up to 10.
Styile  +   1834d ago
Bottom-line, FF13 is SHIT
Agreed, especially when you put it against the rest of the series.
zero_gamer  +   1834d ago
Not my favorite FF game but it is an FF game like it or not. What a crappy article.
Alos88  +   1834d ago
It felt like they were trying to completely change the concept of what Final Fantasy is all about, but to me the resulting game felt like a overly linear mix of half developed ideas.
silkrevolver  +   1834d ago
I liked it enough to not regret buying it...
...but it really isn’t very “Final Fantasy like.” Maybe they were trying to change too much, maybe they didn’t change enough, maybe they took too much to compensate for the 360, maybe this came out exactly the way they wanted... but in the end, it was less than it could have been. I think Square used FF XII and XIII as experiments on what they could do with the series (XI and XIV too, for that matter) and FFXV may finally be the fresh Final Fantasy experience everyone has been waiting for. Hell, Versus XIII may be what we’ve been waiting for. Only time will tell.
Jason2  +   1834d ago
FF13 Versus
I have a feeling that when FF13 Versus releases, people will finally realize how crap FF13 was...
Nicaragua  +   1834d ago
It was indeed poo but that dosnt mean we can write it off as "not a final fantasy game".
Jason2  +   1834d ago
Open world, airships, etc...probably mini games like blitz ball...or chocobo races in FF7.....
pedrami91  +   1834d ago
You all say the game sucks
But you'd all buy it if it was cheap enough.
BlackBusterCritic  +   1834d ago
FF13 will never see my shelf. I was smart enough to borrow a copy from a friend for a few days. I wont be fooled again by Square Enix. They got me good with that Last Remnant for the PC.
pedrami91  +   1834d ago
That's just like,
your own opinion, man.
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Jason2  +   1834d ago
FF13 vs Previous games
I mean...people who say FF13 was good, just think about all the things you could do in all the other final fantasy games compared to FF13...FF9 at the beginning had a sword fighting mini game...not to mention all these games had world maps...secret caves...secret summons, weapons, FF7 submarine mini game, boxing mini game, motorcycle mini game, snowboarding mini game, tournaments, chocobo racing, a faris wheel mini game, a freaking roller coster mini game, FF10 blitz ball, I mean comon there was so much shit in the other FF games...I don't see how you people who like the previous games could begin to compare them to the new one...the game was trash compared to those... all mixed in with great storylines...in those games you don't feel like your forced to go in a straight line...First few hours of FF13 I was getting through the game pressing the x button...
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Optical_Matrix  +   1834d ago
It felt like an FF game to me, but it didn't give me the same feeling that maybe VII, VI, X, XII or IX did (My favorite ones). There was a lot missing. I mean as a game I loved it. Although as a Final Fantasy game, just left a lot to be desired I guess.
RedPawn  +   1834d ago
I agree, it was missing that Lore we're so used to seeing but it had some wonderful things.

It's either this or games like Enchanted Arms.

Give this shit a rest, if you didn't like cool, if you did like kudos.
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mrkeith  +   1834d ago
blah blah blah. FF13 is a final fantasy game. get over it.
gamejediben  +   1834d ago
Well hold on now. I agree with most of this guy's points but the very fact that he hasn't played any of the earlier Final Fantasy games automatically makes him unqualified to determine what is and what is not a Final Fantasy game. If you haven't played FFIV, FFV or at least the shining pinnacle of the FF series, FFVI, you cannot have any opinion on whether XIII is or is not a FF title. End of story.

But by his logic neither is FFXI or FFXII for that matter. They have all been testing the waters since FFX to see how they can innovate the RPG genre but IMO they have failed spectacularly. Where once Square was the beacon of the RPG, Bioware stands tall as the new benchmark with Bethesda nipping at their heals. Square would do well to look to those companies for inspiration for FFXV. But most of all they still need to stay true to the FF name. Give us back our damn airships, shops and ATB systems!
thelifatree  +   1834d ago
I will agree with some of this.
In the opinions of gamers, bioware is standing tall. They are my favorite with SE. Compared to square Enix. for me personally they have fallen, however you can't churn out great games at that rate, and are still one of my favorite developers. (Though some would argue nintendo, I would disagree, as I find their games great but not fantastic)

However SE still made the best game this gen IMO called "The World Ends with you," my favorite videogame in 10 years.
However, on bethesda, they have fallen too in my opinion. They've also been around as long as square, and they've gotten much worse. But still good. Similar to square. IMO
willie6289  +   1833d ago
I agree with most of this as well, except for them looking at Bioware and bethesda for inspiration. I think that has been their problem, trying to incorporate what others have been doing into FF. Square-Enix should look at SquareSoft for inspiration.
Tolkoto  +   1834d ago
I'm a FFXIII apologist, but I can't explain why so many people seem to hate it.
BannedForNineYears  +   1834d ago
I liked FF13.
Sure it's not a FF7.
But change is inevitable.
I'd rather have a game try something and fail than be the same thing as previous games and be boring. >_>
patterson  +   1834d ago
FFXIII to me was still a fun game. Nice soundtrack, great visuals and all that but I miss visiting towns or cities and exploring within; talking with towns folk those kind of things. As silly or cliche as it is, I still love going into a random NPC's house and finding a treasure inside without knocking lol.

The battle system wasn't bad, at first if felt too easy but later in the game it felt right and required strategy. It just would've been nice if Summons meant more in the game. I rarely used them since they weren't very powerful. Maybe if my other team mates died would I call on them to revive but otherwise there was much need for them.
Gue1  +   1834d ago
FFXIII felt empty. It was like playing a COD game. Maybe that's why many people liked it? Cus it was mindless like a FPS.

FFXIII was extremely linear like no other game ever created on its genre. The only type of game as linear as this are the FPS but then we have the almost non existent customizations. It is true that you can change and upgrade weapons but for what purpose? There even was some useless defensive equipment too but all this was completely unnecessary just like the the crystarium. I mean, what is the point in having the ability to manually select your abilities and stats when the progression was so limited? Like the game itself the crystarium was a straight line and it wasn't until the end of the game that you actually had the freedom to finally choose the rols of the characters. On top of this we have the fast paced battle system almost completely automated in which you only control one character and basically just keep pressing the X button after you use libra like if you were playing an oldschool beat-'em up game to only change rols when the characters are low on HP...

My opinion is that Square saw how the market was changing and made the game a casual FF game and simply added some post-game challenges for the core gamers. What person these days would play a 40 hours Jrpg with the kind of huge world full of mini-games and sidequests like FFVII? I like those type of games but the truth is that the majority of the video game market is composed by casual gamers with a great appetite for games like COD and Wii's shovelware.
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Obama  +   1834d ago
What's up with the hate? FF 13 is not the greatest jrpg ever made but it is a damn good game. And you can't keep pressing X in most battles as you need to change roles and sometimes select appropriate abilities.
moogle_inc  +   1834d ago
Long before ff13
If im not mistake, in NES era squaresoft has trying make ff for western audience (crap, i forgot the title...like ff legend or something), they make it very-very-very simple game without anything that rpg have!...and well...the rest was high rate failure game, and even squaresoft doesn't want to remember it, huahah... history repeat again...
willie6289  +   1833d ago
Legend was for the game boy, think you mean Mystic Quest. Made for the US because they believed that the US thought that JRPGs were too difficult. Played it, it sucked.
At least SquareSoft learned from their mistake, however it seems Square Enix has decided to instead keep repeating their mistake over and over and hope for a different outcome.
Honest_gamer  +   1833d ago
FF13 was to me the 2nd best RPG i have played this gen magna carta 2 is the best anyone have an xbox 360 who loves RPG's should get it however it's a bit dear been out for a few years and it costs me £60!!!!! what a con the only gameshop where I stay is dear as hell for JRPG’s (well I cant say jrpg since its Korean not Japanese so KRPG??)
midgard229  +   1833d ago
magna carta?
hmmm well to each his own, i didnt get to that game yet, i will tho.

my fav jrpg is demon souls this gen, but if u mean classic jrpg theeeen maybe star ocean 4 or valkyria chronicles
midgard229  +   1833d ago
wtf i hate people this gen
why do they keep bashing 13 like it was a 3/10 game, it was a good game, a good final fantasy, i dunno if everyone complained about 10 this much since they removed world maps and had a sissy main character who cried more thaan his girl.

and ff12 with a main character who wasnt even the main character and its gambit system that encouraged u to actually figure a way to put the controller down and still win battles.

ff13 is flawed, yeah so what, still fun. honestly i'd rather have no towns then to get lost in ff12's stupid towns doing maiil delivery quest....

heres hope to ffV13 on another gr8 game :)
Honest_gamer  +   1833d ago
i agree
i'll give you a bubble ^-^ but tidus was not a sissy man >.< im in denial :L
Tommykrem  +   1833d ago
It is in fact a final fantasy game. If you can call FFXI, the MMO a Final Fantasy game then it's very easy to call FFXIII a Final Fantasy game. To me, all they have to do is put the "Final Fantasy" title in front of a number and perhaps s sub-title, and it's a Final Fantasy game. But Final Fantasy XIII is more similar to say, FFVII than FFX, FFXI and FFXII.

I mean, X didn't have ATB. That was different, and evil and mean. And it was 50% aimed at girls!

XI was a friggin' MMO! That's not very Final Fantasy, but now they're making XIV and MMO so I suppose it is Final Fantasy!

And finally: FFXII didn't even had battles without any screen crushing, or morhping before the battle! That sure as hell isn't Final Fantasy.... But yes, all of that is Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy: Spirits Within the movie was a Final Fantasy, so I don't see why people starts bashing FFXIII all of a sudden. It's pretty good. One of my personal favourite RPGs this generation, and if you really think it's 3/10 then know that it still wouldn't have been the worst Final Fantasy. I say this XIII is more a Final Fantasy than the four (main number series + X-2) Final Fantasies before it.
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