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Submitted by TriggerHappy 3109d ago | news

Halo 3 Map Editor and Elephant images and details - Halo 3 forge

These are the details on the feature in Halo 3 called Forge other known as "map editor".

Details after jump. (Halo 3, Xbox 360)

Lakuspakus  +   3109d ago
I'm gonna spawn all weapons and vehicles on one side, and a big fortress on the other :P

Come and get me :P
Chabbs0  +   3109d ago
magic carpet sounds cooooooooooooooool
Salvadore  +   3109d ago
Sounds nice.
BIadestarX  +   3109d ago
I think developers(bungie/Microsoft) are moving in the right direction... when it comes to map editors and user created content...
consoles are not the same as PC.. where you can install a program and create your own maps, assets and levels... developers need to start finding other ways to accomplish this... not like what Epic is trying to do... by allowing the PS3 to use user created map.. but you need a PC and the PC version of the game to make the maps..

"Map editor (you're not making your own maps though)"

"Does not support geometry creation, or texture modification"

I think is is a good start... all game assets are already on the disk and on each person computer... only instructions assets locations and settings need to be downloaded into each gamer's console when the xbox live session starts....

This will add years and years of replay time... if halo 2 was big... with the very same map..

Also, the way I see it.. it's possible that microsoft is working with some sort of map editor for XNA that can allow gamers to make their own maps on the PC that can be pushed to the console.. it only make sense... developers would be able to create these map editors.. which can be distributed over xbox live. It only make sense... XNA is powerful enough to create these kind of apps... and it works out of the box.

I can't wait for the next xbox live update...
f1r3waII K1LL3r  +   3109d ago
Daxx  +   3109d ago
I didn't realize you could upload your edited maps, NICE! I'm going to make the base on High Ground almost impossible to get in. :D
FordGTGuy  +   3109d ago
Do we get to use
the real elephant?

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Panthers  +   3109d ago
Ha I would use the fake elephant to run it over. That is a sweet new vehicle, but I wonder how many people are needed to use all the weapons.
MoonDust  +   3109d ago
the real elephant would be sick
zonetrooper5  +   3109d ago
Seems pretty awesome. :)
ParaDise_LosT  +   3109d ago
Elephant looks badass!!!! :O

I wonder though, Will Shadows be a playable vihiche in H3 :o
DJ  +   3109d ago
Wait wait wait
so we can only edit pre-built maps? I need to see more details on Forge Mode, but I think placing crates and weapons on pre-built maps would get a bit tiresome within the first hour. Hopefully it's more like Tony Hawk where they have prebuilt pieces that you can arrange/resize in any manner.

PSN ID: LoveHateTragedy
FordGTGuy  +   3109d ago
play Garry's Mod then get back to me otherwise get over yourself.


Given Forge in Halo 3 will be nothing compared to the scope you can explore in GMOD but its still a start at something that can be great.
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DJ  +   3109d ago
...I don't think we're on the same topic here.
What's Gary's Mod?
jinn  +   3109d ago
map editor?
why make some stupid map editor feature in the final halo game. what bungie needs to focus on is making 4 player cooperative campaign offline, which is very very important to many halo fans. forget online campaign, who would waste time doing campaign online.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   3109d ago
Oh yeah! Map editing is a game in it's self.
Man Halo 3 sure is feature rich.
ichimaru  +   3108d ago

"what bungie needs to focus on is making 4 player cooperative campaign offline, which is very very important to many halo fans"
DJ  +   3108d ago
The people who want Offline Multiplayer/Co-op
are the ones who have friends that come to their houses, me being one of them.
FeralPhoenix  +   3108d ago
yeah but....
Those same friends don't have to drive to your house, one phonecall, hop online and play with your bud's sounds much more convenient to me, really I don't know many people who favor splitting their TV into 4 screens vs. having their TV all to themselves while playing with 3 friends. Also with Live even when your friends are busy with their hectic schedule (like me) there's always some "friends" online just waiting for you to join that particular game, no lie for some reason day or night whenever "I'm" in the mood for a game, it seems theres always a "friend" online just waiting for me, damm I must be special.= Which is why the vast majority of 360 fans forum comments were begging Bungie to include at 2 player Co-op mininmum. -Don't get me wrong having the option of 4 player split screen is better than not having it but I don't think its a significant feature that 360 fans wanted, I read alot of forums related to requests to Bungie for features gamers wanted to see in Halo3 and I didn't hear too much if anything about 4 player split screen.
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Bombomb  +   3108d ago
who in their right mind
would wanna play CAMPAIGN modes while only being able to see your small little square.

Unlike 4-player split screen Muliti-player where your just looking for the 1 out of the 3 guys you wanna shoot at or more.
What kind of experience would you "see" or "get", playing a big Campaign world, in that little square?

2-player offline campaign is fine if you have a decent size tv, at least you can see most of the stage if it is split top/down.

Maybe when everyone has a standard 57 inch, it would make more sense. For now, I don't know what Halo fans your talking about, since I haven't seen much gamers asking for that.

Dj,I've seen your posts, you'll never own an xbox 360 so stop the BS, as if you care about such features.
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Lakuspakus  +   3108d ago
Lol u do know that the 4 player coop is over Xbox LIve rigth? So every player has their own screen? LoL.
ASSASSYN 36o  +   3108d ago
ichi on the 4-player topic.
You have no idea what you are talking about do you. Oblivious.
QuackPot  +   3108d ago
User-created content. The future, the norm.

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