Halo 3 Map Editor and Elephant images and details - Halo 3 forge

These are the details on the feature in Halo 3 called Forge other known as "map editor".

Details after jump.

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Lakuspakus3973d ago

I'm gonna spawn all weapons and vehicles on one side, and a big fortress on the other :P

Come and get me :P

Chabbs03973d ago

magic carpet sounds cooooooooooooooool

BIadestarX3973d ago

I think developers(bungie/Microsoft) are moving in the right direction... when it comes to map editors and user created content...
consoles are not the same as PC.. where you can install a program and create your own maps, assets and levels... developers need to start finding other ways to accomplish this... not like what Epic is trying to do... by allowing the PS3 to use user created map.. but you need a PC and the PC version of the game to make the maps..

"Map editor (you're not making your own maps though)"

"Does not support geometry creation, or texture modification"

I think is is a good start... all game assets are already on the disk and on each person computer... only instructions assets locations and settings need to be downloaded into each gamer's console when the xbox live session starts....

This will add years and years of replay time... if halo 2 was big... with the very same map..

Also, the way I see it.. it's possible that microsoft is working with some sort of map editor for XNA that can allow gamers to make their own maps on the PC that can be pushed to the console.. it only make sense... developers would be able to create these map editors.. which can be distributed over xbox live. It only make sense... XNA is powerful enough to create these kind of apps... and it works out of the box.

I can't wait for the next xbox live update...

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The story is too old to be commented.