Famitsu's new vs old PSP comparison

Looking forward to the new PSP? japangamingguide can't wait to get our hands on the new system. The PSP has never really set their hearts fluttering, but there's something about this new design that has captured their attention. It's on their shopping list, especially if they can get hold of one of these.

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Vip3r3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

This might sound stupid but can the older PSP have video out?

TriggerHappy3944d ago

I dont think so. That is the only major feature that the new have i think.

djt233944d ago

i believe it can happened if sony did psp update and create usb cable so you could connected to tv using s video or some other cable format.

Gamespot use they psp usb connector hook it up to a pc so they could do review or preview to the games.

PhinneousD3944d ago

couldn't they have made it thinner??? barely any difference.

jinn3944d ago

it's a good thing i got rid of my psp and got a xbox 360 with gears of war as my first game. no more pressure from that cheesy analog, boring games, terrible sound and graphics, and wierd right and left buttons. i'm in the next generation, baby!

risk3944d ago

i wish there was a report function for trolling.. alas i can atleast take your stupid bubbles away.

akaFullMetal3944d ago

one thing im really looking forward on the new psp is the button and d-pad being alot better, the old one sucks, now i can actually play crash bandicoot on my psp like i do on my ps3 since the contols are alot better