Tekken 5 Online Live Demonstration

A first hands on look at Tekken 5 Online which is described as "practically lag free even when playing against users across the world in Japan".

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ReconHope3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

seems so lame to me after playing virtua fighter 5.

gaffyh3947d ago

I think it's just personal preference, to me Virtua Fighter doesn't feel as fluid as Tekken, and because of that I don't find it as fun. Still Tekken is the most popular fighting game at the moment.

ArduousAndy3946d ago

tekken sucks dude everyone knows that the greatest fighting game ever is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fighter super nintendo version.

LSDARBY3946d ago

Looks good, hopefully it will come to the UK store soon

N4GayFanturds3946d ago

R u F N kiddN me??!!

It looks like PS1. And this guy talked more about the online features...rather than SHOW them.

Why does PS3 have BluRay again??? Wasn't it so games could be huge??!! Even if it's a d/l, it's no reason for this game to be as big as possible becaes every PS3 SKU has hdd! This game looks like it'll fit on a couple of floppy discs.

gaffyh3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

the stream is low-res, thats why it looks bad, plus it is a up-res port of Tekken 5, a PS2 game, and the game is about 900+mb, and the online update is said to be 550mb.

R0l33946d ago

It's not even on Blu-ray lke you know, it's a downloadable game off the PSN. At least it looks better than Street Fighter on the marketplace, shouldn't that take up all the space on a DVD?

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