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Submitted by Fullish 1957d ago | article

The Old Republic: First of a New MMORPG Breed

Gamer Limit writes "Bioware is creating the first MMORPG that lives up to the name." (PC, Star Wars: Old Republic)

StartWars  +   1957d ago
Once released I think Bioware will be shocked by how brutal mmorpg players will be...
Fullish  +   1957d ago
Agreed, the game sounds fantastic but I suspect once people get into it, it will be yet another MMO-Disapointment
Spenok  +   1957d ago
Its Star-wars mixed with Bioware yet again. Im sure the fans will be happy with this title. I wont be getting it, especially with FF14 launching in september. I just seriously doubt it will be a disapointment.
JsonHenry  +   1957d ago
I think this might be the first MMO I actually want to play. I hope it is. But these days I don't hold my breath on a game that should have been a sure thing.
Montrealien  +   1957d ago
just don't forget, a good MMO is a game that sucks you in for along time. There are plenty of good MMOs out there, it just need to be understood that they are huge time sinks.
Yuenanimous  +   1957d ago
I know what you mean, but the Star Wars geek in me still has faith...
thedoctor  +   1957d ago
Cannot wait for this. Let's see if it can match SWG in terms of immersion.
Montrealien  +   1957d ago
SWG was a great MMO, in a way, it still is, sadly it is a shadow of its former self.
walkyourpath  +   1957d ago
Multi-Player Dialogue
Pretty amazing the amount of story content here. If it really does live up to the KOTOR 3-11 promise, I'm set to be sucked into my very first MMO subscription.
smilydude13  +   1957d ago
I'd take Kotor 3 over this any day.
ECM0NEY  +   1956d ago
After playing KOTOR for a few hours, I was like "this needs to be an MMO!"
kauza  +   1957d ago
Very interested to see how this pans out. I want it to be amazing!
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jukins  +   1957d ago
every mmo i've played ppl have been primarily concerned with gear and being top dog. with as many ppl that play WoW im willing to bet the majority have no clue about the story i know i didnt except when certain ppl that did had arguements over the story or w/e lol. even when i played final fanstasy online it had a good main story but getting actual story pieces were placed too far apart with the leveling crafting and what not. by the time you got around to continuing the story you forgot where you left off. this is especially true to casual mmo players.
Darkfiber  +   1957d ago
Dialog is about the only thing this game has going for it, and any idiot can tell you that dialog has nothing to do with gameplay. This isn't a new breed of MMO, it's the exact same thing we've been seeing for 10 years, but ooooo it has talking omg AMAZING!

People keep saying "it'll be my very first MMO blah blah blah" and I doubt any of you will play it beyond the first month. There's a reason you people don't already play MMOs, and this game still has every one of those reasons. Get past the Bioware and Star Wars names and it's a boring, cookie cutter WoW clone. There are sooooo many more GOOD MMOs coming out next year with tons of innovation that sadly will not get nearly the attention they deserve because of this piece of crap hogging the spotlight.
Spinal  +   1957d ago
I agree to an extent
All those saying, 'This game will be awesome, it will be my first MMO' have no idea what they're talking about. If they aint playing an MMO yet then they aint likely to like this game either. True MMO players are already playing an mmo and have tried various types. MMO's have alot of trial and error with some patience-sauce involved so those that do not play them won't really get into the old republic either.

I agree that the Old republic is not a new breed of MMO but it looks like the last Good mmo of the last gen. MMO's of a new breed are the likes of Guild Wars 2, T.E.R.A and Rifts of Telara etc.
susanto1228  +   1957d ago
MMO of a new breed??? Hardly
There is nothing spectacular that Bioware will do with Old republic that hasn't been done already so let's just get that out of the way. Don't get me wrong I love Bioware and the Kotor Franchise I've played both Kotor titles to death over and over again...but MMO's are a new territory for Bioware and I can only see them improving their new MMO but "new breed" no if you want to talk extraordinary MMO's let's talk Guild Wars 2.....Anet has wayyyy more experience in outstanding MMo's than bioware and Guild Wars 2 is definitely in a class of it's own....#1 it's got better graphics than Bioware #2 they have a huge following in Guild Wars 1.....#3 They have more content and #4 after the Box it's free to play with their cash shop having a minimal impact on gameplay....I'm sure Bioware will improve on this MMO...maybe their next MMo will be a new breed...but not this one.
Cairnius  +   1957d ago
MMO*RPG* of a new breed
You're all leaving out the last three letters, and exemplifying the point of this article, I think. Your comparisons to WoW are inappropriate. TOR doesn't want to be WoW, and as someone who is looking forward to TOR, I don't want it to be WoW, either, because I really don't want the WoW players crossing over. I'm hoping that people who enjoy Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2 for the characters and the story are going to be the people playing The Old Republic, as it'll be a much better community as a result.

@Darkfiber - the reason many people don't play MMOs is because they're boring as sin. WoW is one of the dullest, most lifeless grindfests I've ever played. Dicking around with huge groups of people to kill some dragon 80,000 times for "leet gear" is a timesink, and dull. I like my games to be fun, and exciting, and different, and WoW has been stale for years. It's only huge because other than EVE, it's really the only game in town. It's like McDonald's being the only fast food restaurant in a major city and then claiming it's the best fast food in that city because everyone eats there. No, they just eat there because if they want fast food, they have nowhere else to go.

I'm not sure what EVE would be in this analogy...someplace where you have to raise your own cattle and grow your own potatoes and slaughter the animal and pick the tubers and prepare everything from scratch before you sit down and eat?

@susanto1228 - Nothing spectacular Bioware will do with TOR that hasn't been done already? ROFLMFAO @U - how about the biggest voiceover project in the history of entertainment? Seriously, actually read the news if you're going to be on N4G...
Azurite  +   1957d ago
Hopefully you won't get kicked from the party if you have a different point of view... or perhaps that would be part of the roleplaying.
Sounds interesting.
Drazz  +   1957d ago
Then this! I'm hoping that this is good enough to make me quit playing FF XIV.
themizarkshow  +   1956d ago
OMG I can't waaaaaiiitttt.

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