Why Gears isn't cross-platform

Microsoft's announcement on Gears of War on PC at this year's E3 didn't exactly knock us flat in shock, but it was a little surprising to learn that cross-platform support between PC and Xbox 360 wasn't planned.

After all, a massive game like Gears of War is surely just the thing to encourage PC gamers to try this feature that Microsoft's introduced in Games for Windows - Live, isn't it?

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Cartesian3D3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

when they ask him why extra features wont be on 360 he said:

PC version use different build of ENGINE so they cannt put it on 360 ..

and for cross platform I think its the main reason.. PC version and 360 have different code and structure and cross platform wont be easy imo...

its just my opinion..

BIadestarX3644d ago

Eventhough Microsoft made a great game together... and Epic made lots of money on the deals... based on things said by Epic.. they may not have that much of a great relationship... Epic.. knows they don't really need to support Microsoft initiative with Games for Windows... probably they don't even want to... Epic makes lots of money and have the PC market covered... Games for Windows would probably hurts them more then help them.. since it will help smaller devs get exposure... something that Epic may not benefit from. Imagine a Marketplace like the one on xbox live.. where developers place their demos and games... and PC gamers.... lots of PC gamers only know about games made by big devs like Epic... that's their advantage...

Also, EPIC want consoles to be like PC... we can see that in UT being made for the PS3 and pushed back for the XBox 360 due to not being allowed to just let drop maps and files into the consoles like there is no tomorrow which can compromise security and user experience... (i.e. Gamers that want to make maps must buy the console version and the PC version to make maps.. then copy files to the console and who knows how it will work for others getting this files... and how it will affect the online experience and possible bugs)...

DiLeCtioN3644d ago

if pc gamers were allowed to play 360 gamers..who will be better(control or keybard)

djt233644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

people have to upgrade they pc with new everything... damm

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