Great Underrated Games this Generation

Run out of AAA titles to play this summer? How about finding some cheap, underrated games to play next month?
Here are 5 of the great underrated games this generation.

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Seijoru2896d ago

FINALLY a list with Folklore!!!! Infamous was also criminally underrated in my opinion. Mad World didn't do well cause it was a very mature game for the Wii, they should have made it for 360 or PS3.

qface642896d ago

blue dragon wasn't great it wasn't underrated
there is really nothing special or memorable about blue dragon its just a typical run of the mil jrpg

Active Reload2896d ago

Yeah, Folklore is probably my favorite PS3 game...right next to LBP.

ShadowCK2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

PS3 Fanboys here would rate Infamous 12/10 if they could.

sikbeta2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago ) guys would rate skittles, the molesting pet like 21/10 if you could and 100/20 for the pedo-adventures of milo, so what's your point anyway...


Folklore and Valkyria Chronicles are really underrated Imo

StbI9902896d ago

So would xbox fanboy do the same with crackdown...nail you

MEsoJD2896d ago

with Folklore

but defiantly disagree with Madworld.

SlyGuy2896d ago

has a 75% average review score?

Now THAT is underrated.

I am not even a huge RPG fan and I enjoyed every minute of this game. Definitely one of my favs this gen...along with Warhawk (which might also be underrated).

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Eric Cartman2896d ago

Infamous is a great game, but I don't think it's underrated (except by the negative, biased and sometimes downright retarded reviewers, and their opinions don't matter).

Blue Dragon does not have the cast of interesting characters and monsters to captivate the Western audiences. It's also a genre which is slowly dying in the west.

Folklore is a great game, but they could have hired better voice actors. It's a colorful and kind of unique game.

MadWorld was released on the wrong console. It could have been far more successful on the other consoles. But you don't release a bloody, violent, and artistic game on a family console.

deadreckoning6662896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

"Infamous is a great game, but I don't think it's underrated (except by the negative, biased and sometimes downright retarded reviewers, and their opinions don't matter)."

I think Infamous is overrated actually. Besides the fact that Official Playstation Magazine gave it a seven, it had tons of technically problems that hurt the final experience jaggies, subpar lip syncing, robotic human pedestrians, Cole was overly sticky etc..

The core gameplay was great and fun, but I don't think it deserved the 10/10 or 9/10 it got. Just my two cents. Infamous 2 looks FANTASTIC though.

@Anorexorcist- If a PLAYSTATION magazine gives a PS3 exclusive a 7 and other non-playstation sites give it glowing reviews...that kinda means the game is overrated. For the sake of comparisons, Batman AA was definetly a better superhero game in my eyes(as well as the eyes of the majority gaming media who voted it one of the best games of the 2009)

Eric Cartman2896d ago

What I mean by inFamous not being overrated is that it did have a very entertaining gameplay, more than AC's for me, but the graphics and overall polish of the game was lacking compared to the other Sony-published games and similar games like AC. It was superior to the similar Prototype though.

inFamous 2's trailer took me by surprise. Didn't expect the sequel to be so different improved to such an extent. It certainly is game to be anticipated now.

In my opinion, God of War 3 was underrated. Really, this is a 10/10 game right there.

P_Bomb2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )


I vehemently disagree with your notion that Playstation brand magazines are somehow better barometers of whether or not games are over-rated. Take the Official Playstation magazine Australia. They just gave Demons Souls a 70, dropping the Metacritic score by a full point. Their argument was basically it was hard and didn't hold the player's hand with mid-level checkpoints etc. Utter tripe. I've beaten the darn thing 3 times, and I ain't no superman. 7/10 my butt.

Same with Yakuza 3. My biggest surprise of the year. Fun, stacked with arguably too much gameplay lol, another quality action RPG of sorts. The US Playstation official magazine gave it the lowest score on Meta', a paltry 60/100.

If these are the kinda games "official" Playstation magazines frown upon (inFamous included) then Sony needs a slap upside their licensing department's head. "Official" magazines shouldn't be more out of touch with the product than multiplat' sites like Gamespot, Gametrailers, IGN, 1UP etc.

poopnscoop2896d ago

Infamous has an 85% and is underrated? lol wut? Surely you mean overrated amirite?

Anorexorcist2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

I can conclude that you certainly do know a thing or two about overrated games.

ernsttco2896d ago

A halo fan calling another franchise overrated

Rich16312896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

I know I am in the minority here but I didn't like Infamous. I found it boring and repetitive, the voice acting was bad, and graphics cheezy. I did like the cutscenes however and the twist ending was pretty sick, but the game didn't do it for me. I don't know why but I prefer Batman: AA and Uncharted 1 & 2 much more.

Colonel-Killzone2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

I never heard of infamous being underrated. Then again its up to the person view of what is underrated. Some people thought the gave deserved 10s when it got 8s etc. I thought infamous was a solid 9.

I hope they improve on

1. The Blast shards. For god sakes put them on the map or something. Going around getting all 350 was a nightmare once you needed to search all 3 districts just to find the last shard.

2. The side missions. A lot was repetitive and very boring.... Love the game but the side mission was annoying. Please find a way to make them more fun.

Eric Cartman2896d ago

Getting platinum trophies isn't meant to be easy. ;)

I think inFamous 2 will look like a completely different game. It will be a hugely improved sequel.

emk20042896d ago

the side missions were kinda boring, some where just basicly main missions over again like train, armored busses ect. but overall the games gamplay, graphics, and story were great. i know people put down the graphics but i thought they were solid only needed more aa would be perfect.

dkgshiz2896d ago

Infamous got tons of 8s and 9s. Even a few 10s. Its definitely not under rated.

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