Pioneer introduces new Blu-ray Disc burner

"Long Beach (CA) - Pioneer has announced a new Blu-ray Disc PC drive that can burn BD-R as well as rewritable BD-RE media.

The second generation BDR-202 drive from Pioneer has limited equalizer LSI and a liquid crystal tilt compensator, which help in playback and data reading of discs. Additionally, it incorporates ultra DRA technology, designed to reduce the vibrations when burning a disc, according to CDR Info.

The drive can also write and read all forms of blank DVD and CD media. Maximum writing speed is 2x for BD-RE, 4x for BD-R, 6x for DVD-/+RW, 12x for DVD-/+R, and 24x for CD-R/RW.

The BDR-202 is already available in Europe for around 490 euros, and is expected to launch in the US for between $600 and $700."

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the_round_peg3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

A lot of observers of the HD format war have said that between Blu-ray and HD-DVD, whichever is the first format that introduces a burner will win the war.

cuco333760d ago

i think u forgot the word 'affordable'

BD-Rs apparently go for a pretty penny right now

Cartesian3D3761d ago

PC users allways are more important than LAPTOP users..

because many devs make their products on PC .. and many professionals need a PC for their works..

so Blu-ray in SONY laptops and HD DVD in toshiba laptops isnt a deciding factor..

good luck pioneer .. I allways use their burners.. :)

ta1snake3761d ago

I will pass it, thanks.

rogimusprime3761d ago

here here comes the pirates

Vip3r3761d ago

With Sony adding th mini BDs to the camcorders it should give them another boost in the "war". But this is a good move from Sony to add BD players to the PC.

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