Multiplayer Games that Need to Come to Wii

Following Nintendo's announcement of a 32-player multiplayer mode in an upcoming Medal of Honor game for Wii, Gameplayer discusses the online multiplayer potential for the format.

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BLUR1113456d ago

who wants a wii , poor kids

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ChickeyCantor3456d ago

I can see that you just registered here but PLEASE don't look in the Wii section if you gonna bash it.

djt233456d ago

32 people in a game sound good
wii need some MMORPG

socomnick3456d ago

Don't think the wii is capable of a mmorpg it does not have a hard drive But im sure they will develop one for it.

Legionaire20053456d ago

32 players online is what Nintendo Wii needs nuff said!!!

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