Heavenly Sword's Nariko: Not Just A Pretty Face

While the past E3 was not all that wonderful in terms of the event itself, there were a couple of titles that rekindled that spark, that dream, that level of satisfaction that can only be experienced when you walk a distant land, and live within the imagination.

That was Heavenly Sword. The gameplay was not all that fresh or unique, but what truly brought the game through was the look on the face of Nariko, the game's heroine. She was alive. She had personality, and there was pain and worry in her eyes, a deep wellspring of strength in the set of her brow, compassion painted on her lips … yes, she was a heroine that was worth carrying about.

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felidae3945d ago

ps3 gives you the best gaming experience, period.

i own a 360 but it´s got nothing on the ps3.

i`m a proud ps3 owner ;-)

babyhand3945d ago

taste does not mean its the rule for all to follow. I like both. And cannot see myself without a 360.

babyhand3945d ago

I love great graphics but constantly talking about this games pretty herione gets old like with "Blue ray has already won". I have nothing against this or any game but can we have something fresh to talk about with this game.

the_bebop3945d ago

Has anyone noticed the older picture of Nariko looks like animation fron a very well done animated show. while the new picture makes here look more like a living person.

Real Gambler3945d ago

After playing the demo, and loving the game, you do sometime wonder why you like the game so much. After all, a game is a game. Those graphics can be done easily, the gameplay can be done easily. But this author exactly nailed it!!! You get into that game waaaaay to much. It's more an awesome story that you have to go through than a game, and yes, this should have been done before, on pc and consoles.

I'm buying this game on day one. Until now, I was wondering if it was because of subliminal advertising in the demo! Glad to see I'm not the only one seeing something so special about this game!

Bolts3945d ago

Give me a break. Aside from the cut scenes which are VERY well animated facially, Nariko is basically a long haired killing machine. All this emotionally BS goes out window goes out the window when you're trying to string a bunch of combos to together for an awesome airborne attack.

Sometimes I found that the detailed facial animations tend to clash with the rest of scene. For example while Nariko is going through all these deep expressions and thoughts, her sister next to her looks and move like a god damn puppet.

timmyp533945d ago << her

she is a very interesting character... she doesnt talk much and when she does it sounds it sounds very interesting like a girl gollum. But i dont know what u mean by she is a puppet?

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